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Time to quit?


Time to quit?


I think I may be about to give up on PE. I have been at it for about 4 months now. In the first month I gained 0.5” and a little grth but since then nothing… This would be fine and I would be happy to keep varying my workout until I overcame the plateau like everybody else if it were not for the state of my unit. I have been forced into several breaks because jelqing seems to cause my dicks flacid state becomes much harder and to shrink a little - it becomes less elastic- which also makes it less easy to gain good expansion when exercising, the expansion I do get after exercising is lost within minutes. Could it be that the lack of maintained expansion means that I gain in density rather than volume? It would explain the hardness of the flacid state, but then again sometimes the flacid state softens for a while so perhaps it is just a reflex of some sort, I just do not know :( Recantly I took 3 weeks break during which I recovered, now after 2 sessions everything has gone wrong again. I have become so unhappy to the point that it is now practically all I think about. Can anyone offer me advice? has anyone experienced a similar phenomona? I don’t mean to whine but I am so desperate.

keeep going!

You didn’t post your routine, but I’m guessing perhaps you are training too much? If I over train, I get the atrophy and denseness you describe. Try taking a week or so break, then come back at it, for shorter time frames.

I’d be inclined to keep trying new approaches rather than give up. This shit works too well, once you find what your body wants…

don’t give up man! some people have gone a year until gaining, I just started and would kill for that 1/2” you got! There is a lot of support and knowledge on this board, you will pull through!

btw, post your routine as the above poster said

Thanks guys, just knowing that others are interested and want to help gives me a real lift.

My routine has changed consistently as I have tried to shake the problems described above. Most recently (before my 3 week break) I did 1 week of 5 on 2 off - about 300 hard jelqs with a uli or horse squeeze every 50 jelqs, then 1 hour later 20 minutes of stretching jai’s and DLD blasters. By the end of this week although I was looking a bit thicker when erect my willy was beginning to get smaller and harder in the flacid state so I moved to a 1on 1off routine- 1 week of that and things were very wrong, so 3 weeks break. Decided to come back with a 2 on 1 off routine omitting the stretches and horses (both of which I thought might be responsible for my probs) and concentre on ugis rather than jelqing (150 jelqs with ugi every 20 - 25). After 2 sessions the problems are on their way back. I am at a loss… One thing I note is that during the halcien days of that first month I stayed pumped for ages following exercising, since then I shrink very quickly to a little below my usual flacid state. Another thing- I have never gained a mm from stretching, should I try hanging… I have the time and privacy and a bib hanger sitting in the cupboard… Any insights/comments would be fantastic

keeep going!

Don’t see how it would hurt. Trying hanging, that is…

For what it’s worth when I do intense manual stretching, I get that shrinky dink effect, but after a few days it subsides.

Have you every taken substantial time off in a row, like a month or two? Perhaps you need to consider an extended break, then come back without overdoing things, which it seems to me your dick is trying to tell you…

Maybe your right RB- took that 3 weeks off, but I must admit that there were two times during the period that frustration got the better of me and I did a quick jelqing session- which I regretted because it put my recovery back days. maybe a solid month off is what I need…. Do you think it would be ok to hang during the month?- it will be a different kind of stress.

keeep going!

I would suggest taking the full month of with no pe whatsoever. It’s a bitch, but normally pays off in the long run…


Hi, how is your health and general fitness? Do you smoke? What is your sex drive like? How much water do you drink?

If you are getting noticable gains erect but not flaccid then it might not the the PE routine that is the cause of the problem. A catalyst yes but perhaps not a cause. This is one idea to think about anyway.

Good Luck


I have wondered the same. My health is good, I do not smoke, take reuglar exercise and eat healthily. I also drink a great deal of water (very little alcohol though if that is what you meant). However my sex drive is practically non existent because I am so depressed about this PE thing. Also note that I have not gained erect size for a long time and that the flacid problems began as my erect gains halted. You are right though, I am sure that my lack of libido compounds the problem.

keeep going!


Your circulation must be fine since you dont smoke and live healthy. So it’s definitely a response to the routine then.

A few more q’s:

So your sex drive before PE was fine?
Has the problem always occured, right from the day you started PE?

Also have you tried reducing the intensity? Like, dropping the uli’s and not doing as hard jelqs?


Be patient. I’ve been at it for over three years and got an additional inch in length and .75” in girth. I find that intense stretching, semi-erect and erect, work best for me. I didn’t start getting noticable results until I made myself sore, rested ‘til soreness went away, then repeated the PE’ing. In between, I stopped PE’ing completely, even up to a couple months! Everybody here has an opinion and everyone’s body reacts differently to PE stimulus. Don’t get too preoccupied with a routine- change if you feel you need to. But give yourself breaks; additional (regrowth) occurs when “healing”I found. Get in overall physical good shape. Cut the smoking (all types- it constricts the blood vessels) and reduce your alcohol consumption (it dehydrates the body).


Take a break for a month, than come back slow and start out with maybe just jelqing for 20 min 5 days a week and see how your dick reacts to that. I just think your over training and thinking about it is making it worse. Also manual stretching has been mentioned by more than a few people over the years to cause temporary Ed problems. If you have the time after your break and your dick can take the jelqing than try some light hanging with the BIB instead of manual stretching.



I think Dino is right and a break would be wise. When you come back I would make a routine that was good for me and stick to it for at least 6 months before measuring and or adjusting. I have always looked at the “hardness” in a flacid state to be a good sign of growth. With some nice massage it relaxes I think, for myself anyway, it translates to gains eventually. Someone made a comment about some being at this for a year before seeing a gain and with some thats that case. PE is a VERY specialized personal program that NEEDS to be tailored to each users needs. I am always around to lend a hand or to talk to…hit me with a PM anytime.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

I hope you don’t take offense, but I think its all in your head.

“However my sex drive is practically non existent because I am so depressed about this PE thing. Also note that I have not gained erect size for a long time and that the flacid problems began as my erect gains halted. You are right though, I am sure that my lack of libido compounds the problem.”

Every thing I see here can be explained in terms of anxiety/depression. I think you probably measured constantly and when you stopped gaining (hit the plateau that most get) you over reacted, began having perception problems about the state of your unit. When anxiety is operative circulating catecholamines cause the smooth muscle layer to contract forcing the blood from the caverns and giving it a “rubbery feel” its a physical reaction to a psychological state. The lack of libido is equally or even more explainable in psychological terms. It is unlikely you have or are injuring yourself. Perhaps PE may not be for you but not because you are physically injuring your penis, its because the constant attention causes in you a panic/overreaction/dick shrink up vicious circle. I would suggest some time off, resume with a very conservative routine, but hide that fucking ruler and don’t find it for at least 3 months. And be reassured we all experience the rubbery hamsterdick thing from time to time - its normal during stress and anxiety.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Dongers, you’ve already received excellent advice. Here’s my $.02:

From what you describe I surmise you have been overtraining. Take a week or two off. When you resume PE, start out with 5 minutes of light/moderate jelqing per workout and don’t do any squeezes. Pay attention to how your dick responds. Gradually add time and intensity. If you get the “shrinky dink” thing, take an extra day or two off and ease up the intensity or duration of your jelqing. You’ll have to learn what works best for you. We’re all different. Some guys respond best to minimal workouts. You may be one.

>Another thing- I have never gained a mm from stretching, should I try hanging… I have the time and privacy and a bib hanger sitting in the cupboard…

This provides another option. Take your pick between manual exercises or hanging. I’d advise against doing both at the same time. If you hang, start out with light weight and short sets.

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