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Is it time to quit?


Is it time to quit?

Hello fellow PEers.

Lot of new guys here, who don’t know me. A little intro then. I’ve been PEing for more than 5 years now, on and off on the last 3. In this time I’ve gained 1” in length and .5” in girth - actually gained more but lost almost an inch in length and half in girth after a one year lay off. Lastly I’ve been as diligent as it gets to try and regain this lost size, to no avail. I’ve pulled, I’ve pushed, I’ve clamped, I’ve pumped, I’ve jelqed and I’ve hung. Nothing is having any effect.

For example, on this last two months I’ve hung around 80 minutes (real hanging time, that is, 4 20 minute sessions) per day. I’ve gained zilch. So probably this means it’s time to take the gloves off, hang the boots, and call it a day. I don’t know if there are guys here who’ve had plateaus this big (more than 2 years now with no gains whatsoever), and managed to break them. If there are I’d like to hear your stories, how you did it. Because I’m seriously thinking this isn’t getting me anywhere.

Well, sorry for the rambling.

Over and out.



That sucks man!

Maybe you’re overdoing it a little bit.

In PE breaks in your routine short breaks (1 to 2 weeks) are discussed. Maybe it’s something for you. I’ve just finished a two weeks during break. Today was my first PE day since the break. And I must say, I saw that my dick responds quite different. After only 10 minutes of jelqing, I noticed the red spots coming (I’m a little newbie again…) so I stopped.

I think it’s worth a try. I have the feeling that the “torture” of 10 minutes jelqing on a reconditioned penis is more then 40 minutes jelqing on a well conditioned penis…

And please say that you will not give up! You’ve gained in the past and you WILL gain in the future, believe in it


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Im not a Hanger but would be willing to Hang as a last resort. (I just dont like the idea of my ligs being stretched out of their positions as to change my lot angle)

However from what I read on this forum…

Hanging always seems to do the trick for truly stubborn cases but my observations are that the guys that have made the truly impressive gains from Hanging have put many hours a day into it i.e. 80 min may not be enough. Maybe some expereinced hangers will chime in and help you out.

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


Shrike, what angle are you hanging at??? This could have something to do with the lack of progress, at least it seems to be the solution for me as I’ve changed from hanging BTC to fulcrum (started yesterday) and I’m definitely reaching fatigue using this new angle.

UIShrike, the usual hanging questions:

Are you fatigued at the end of your hanging sets?

What angles are you hitting?

Do you spread the sets over several angle ranges or do you concentrate on one?

What is your LOT?

Originally Posted by ICM
Are you fatigued at the end of your hanging sets?

Yep! More so when I do my weekend hanging sessions, which are about 10 20 minute sessions each of those 2 days (Sat and Sun).

Originally Posted by ICM
What angles are you hitting?

ICM, Millionman, right now I’m hanging straight out. From what I read about the LOT theories it’s the indicated angle for me to hang. But before I’ve tried almost all of the angles with no results whatsoever: SO, BTC, OTS, OTL.

Originally Posted by ICM
Do you spread the sets over several angle ranges or do you concentrate on one?

Just SO.

Originally Posted by ICM
What is your LOT?

7 o’clock.

Originally Posted by supersizeit
Hanging always seems to do the trick for truly stubborn cases but my observations are that the guys that have made the truly impressive gains from Hanging have put many hours a day into it i.e. 80 min may not be enough.

Supersizeit, my problem is not just with hanging. I’ve given enough time for every type of exercise I know, manual stretching variations, jelquing variations, clamping, pumping, everything. And nothing has made me gain. Like you so well say, hanging usually makes even the stubborn dicks grow, so that’s why I decided to give it one last shot. And I thought about 80 minutes being too little too, but this is the (conservative) average per week. I normally hang 60 minutes (3x20 min) on weekdays and 160 to 200 minutes on weekends (8-10x20 min). This is all the time I can give it right now.

Vanloon, maybe you’re right. That’s why I’ve stopped all PE since this Monday. I don’t know if I’ll start it again, but for now all engines are stopped :)

Thank you all for the help.




Maybe you’re over training if I was you I would try a back to basics approach and may jelq and squeeze for 30 minutes a day 5 on 2 off. That’s pretty much my work out now I also do some clamping but my whole workout is never more than 40 minutes. I like you have been stuck for a long time with no gain I had a few non-cemented gains but I lost them. I can’t say less is better but I had lost some girth when I was hanging big time and I have put it back on with my short routine. Good Luck my friend

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

And please tell us that you won’t stop PEing!!!

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You and I are in similar situations. “Divide and conquer” did not work for me, so now I’m trying to further divide. The idea is to apply stress to smaller and smaller bits of tissue. Eventually, I hope to apply enough stress to a small enough bit of tissue that I will cause it to plastically deform. From there, I’ll move on to the next bit of tissue.

For example, I wouldn’t just hang SO; I’d hang out and to the left. Then, I’d try hanging out and to the right. I’d finish off the day with one or two SO sets.

My advice is to try to really feel your tissues. Choose positions that hit those limiting factors and virtually nothing else. Don’t waste the weight on tissues that don’t matter.

Also, try fulcrums. They do a wonderful job of increasing the stress applied to certain structures without requiring an increase in weight.

Find you limiting factor. THe way I do this is I pull out my penis in the direction I like it to be in when I’m fucking. Which structure is tight? That’s the structure that’s limiting further growth. Focus your hanging efforts on that structure alone.

If you decide to follow this guidance, please let me know how it works for you. I’m also trying this, so I am very eager to learn if it works for you.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Personally, I would not quit PE until I had exhausted ever natural means necessary of enlarging my wang. I started out pumping, and gained a half inch in length and a little girth, and then seemed to plateau. Now I am Jelqing more and pumping only occassionally. If that does nothing after a few months, I will try something else, like clamping. I have always been a little wary of hanging, however, but who knows.

My point is, if one thing doesn’t work, try another!


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Hey UI, I’ve seen you posting some at PE Forums not too long ago and wondered if you would make your way over here. Good to see you again.

You may very well be over training. Many people after a long break see “newbie” gains but that isn’t the case for everyone including myself. Were you a hanger in your first PE stint (I forget..)? If so I wonder if your ligs tightened and healed in that state making them tougher to break.

I don’t know what variations you have been trying of the different exercises, but there have been some great advances in exercise techniques in the past several years. I don’t know if you have seen the library of videos here, they might be worth a look. See my sig line.




Add some jeqling in there. According to the general “theory” about PE it would help make you “grow” more cells.

What about your warmups? I didn’t read anything about what you’re doing for those. Are you using heat before? Though I don’t do warmups religiously, it seems to be generally accepted by most here that ample warmups produce better PE results.

My thinking on this is with Sizemeister — the penile tissues have most certainly adapted to your routine. Something is holding you back, whether it’s lig’s or scar tissue. Can’t change that, but you can always change up the routine. Deep moist heat seems to really work for a lot of the guys here (myself included.) I’ve even heard of some using a heat lamp (dry heat) with success.

And please don’t give it up! Eye of the Tiger, man!!!

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Right now my main goal is length. I’ve stopped everything completely for now so if I do start back I have a couple of things to try for the next months. One is maybe returning to short but intense sessions (though tried that last year with no results, this time I’ll focus on just length). Thanks for the tip!

I’m still thinking about it :) I’ve stopped for now, maybe I’ll get back in a few weeks time, maybe not. Thanks for the support!

Someone else as mentioned fulcrum hanging to me also, so I’ll give it a read. One thing, I do feel the stress in the tissues during/after hanging. That’s why this no gains things is even more puzzling to me. I’ll give your suggestions a thought too. Thanks for the tip!

At this point in time, and after 5 years of PE, I believe I’ve tried most of the techniques (even the new stuff that some come up with). Like I said in my original post, my problem is just that, having tried many things and not seeing anything for it. There are few things I haven’t tried yet (fulcrum hanging, for one), so maybe I’ll give them a shot if/when I get back to this.

Yeah, I’ve been absent from posting for a long time. I felt I didn’t have much to contribute since I don’t have much to show for my efforts. I’ve had my best gains with manual stretching and jelquing variations exercises on my first months of PE (though much of these gains can be attributed to newbie gains), and next my biggest growth spurt was with hanging. Thanks for the tutorials suggestions, I’ll have a decent look at them.

This is a pretty debatable subject. In all this time I’ve been involved in PE, I’ve seen both sides of the coin being defended, and both with good explanations and reasons. One side says you should focus on just one thing (hanging or girth) and dedicate your workouts to it. Others say you should mix both. IME I haven’t noticed any difference with either proposal. Thanks for the tip though.

You’re right, I don’t warmup. I did in my begining years of PE, but since I didn’t notice any difference when I didn’t warmup, I ditch them because time is short. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks again guys for the support.



Hi UIShrike.

I haven’t measured since last winter, but had zero measurable gain when I did, although I feel like I’ve gained a little.

I’ve taken the attitude that I will maintain pumping and free hand stretching, because of the convenience of both. I figure I can do both without taking time away from my Parental and Husbandly duties, and if I dont gain, then no big deal, but I keep thinking positively.

In my humble opinion, different excercises work differently for everyone, and/or some guys are “wired” to gain faster than others. I’m going to just keep plugging along.

Good luck either way you go.

cead mile failte :lep:

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