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time problem......please advise

time problem......please advise

As some of you guys will know, I began PEing about 7 weeks back and over the 1st 5 weeks or so, I gained an inch in erect length and some minimal girth. My fella was also looking and feeling much more ‘muscular’ and all was great on the penis front!

For the last week, I’ve been ‘away’ on a residential course for my work. I simply have not had time to jelq and have just done very very minimal stretching (ie piss stretching). Tonight I returned home and soon set about jelquing. My fella seems to have lost his new found energy and ‘kick’ - I mean he doesnt look as good and didnt feel as big or erect. I measured and fortunately I havent lost any of my length gain (7 NBPEL) but the fella just wasnt as thick and erect as before this week’s break.

This course runs for 19 weeks and is gonna pose me a problem unless you guys can help out. I can forsee that I might be able to squeeze about 20 minutes out of what are extremely busy days for PE and need your advice on what exercises are best to do in this short time?

I’ve got a CCH3 on its way to me and might start using this at night during ‘private study time’. Would I be best off doing some intense jelquing for the 20 minutes or hanging for the 20 minutes. I think I’m going to find it hard to jelq as there is no access to porn (there are not even any TVs in the bedroom!!) and I HAVE to use porn whilst jelquing otherwise my erection just subsides to often causing me to start again to often!

Please advise me guys!
Thanks to the group as always

Your penis will hang better and look more vascular while you are practicing jelqing actively just because of increased bloodflow to the area.

Hanging will provide better length gains than jelqing, to the best of my knowledge. If you’re after length then that’s the way to go.

If you’ve only got 20 minutes, then jelq. 20 minutes is just not enough time to be worth bothering about hanging.

I wouldn’t be too worried about an erection. Jelqing at low levels of erection hits mainly length anyway. I you are really worried about it the jelq for as long as you can and then switch to stretches.

Buy a porn magazine and jelq to your hearts content.

If you’ve got access to a computer, then the porn world is your oyster.

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