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Thinking of surgery


Been there,

I know it was the case for SS4jelg from what I read.

Jo90, that’s a good example for you. There is a thread about PE experiences in which guys talk about what they have gone through in terms of regimen and success.

One of the moderators here took years before he started seeing any success at all. He also has a great sense of humor and you’ll bust a gut laughing at his description of his experiences. I’m sure it was longer than two years, and I think it may have been longer than four, before he started seeing any success. So don’t get too discouraged.

Also, from what I have heard, that surgery can if things turn out less than well actually decrease your length, in addition to screwing up the aesthetics (scar tissue pulling back on the shaft etc). So give it some serious thought before you blow the money and risk worse injury

Originally Posted by Jersey
Been there,

I know it was the case for SS4jelg from what I read.

Yes, it was. Thanks.

Perhaps you should go for the V-stretches, they have worked wonders for me!

Originally Posted by Piet
If your lenght is 5.25” can you explain this post of yours:

tunica baster

5.25” nbpl - 5.75 bpl .At the time I measured 1 cm gain but the week after I measured again and it was closer to .5 cm.

Damn. Should have written SS4Jelq’s story, and towards the very top of the page.

Ignore anything Secjay’s written. Just worthless dribble anyway:)

LOL,thanks Jersey.A very good read.


I’ve worn The Tugger to bed and it never makes through the night.

I PE in the morning so as to be able to wear an ADS as(hopefully) any micro-tears are filled in in a stretched out state.

Jo90, as part of your research, do include the recent post by InPEwetrust, on the penissizedebate thread. I have just read it and I am worried in case you might not spot it.

It is good to see that you are receiving a lot of very useful and considerate advice from everyone.

Take care, rouss.

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Cheers,i’ve just read it.I know I could get up to about 6.25 in girth when needed but if I do it now my size will be 5.25 x 6.25 and it’s looking like a stump already!!

I’ve decided to stop taking propecia to see if it makes a difference.I’ve been taking it for years and I think it may be the inhibiting factor.I’ve also ordered the tugger to use after hanging sessions.

Hi Jo90,
I can only speak for myself and tell you that I had both lengthening and girth surgery.
I had this procedure done about 5 years ago. I gained 1 inch erect and flaccid length and 1/2 inch in girth. 60% of the girth has dissappeared due to reabsorbtion of the fat.
I was 5 inches before and now 6. I can only say that I am fully happy with the results and my unit does not look deformed and you cannot see any scarring. I now have gained another 1/2 inch with maual PE.

When I had my procedure done hanging was not required after the surgery although by the sounds of it, it is now.
I felt far better after I had the surgery and would recommend it but make sure the doctor is fully qualified at this procedure.

hope this helps ,sizequest.


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