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Thinking of surgery


Thinking of surgery

For the past 2 years i’ve gone for length with no joy.When hanging for 1.5 hrs per days over 2 years with no gains i’m going to throw in the towel.I’ve tried different angles per LOT etc and for the last 3 months i’ve been hanging at 20 lbs 3 or 4 20 min sets per day with a bit of pain but still no gains.

I think now is the time to turn to surgery.I’m single at the moment so I will have time to recover.Also i’d rather go abroad for surgery (I live in the uk) so I’m searching the internet for a suitable surgeon.My girth is ok at 5.5 mid shaft but mt my erect length is only 5.25.I’m planning on having the lengthening surgery then hitting the bib hanger again.Any thoughts anyone?

Remember the thing with surgery is you barely get any erectile gains…

You have obviously put in the time and you’ve got some tough ligs. I’m thinking that means that all you can expect to gain from the surgery will be the amount of ligament released when it is detached. I think you should mention to your surgeon, that you have tried and not gained from hanging, so how much can you expect from the surgery alone. Yes, you must hang after surgery to realize the surgical gains, but then I’m thinking you will hit your brick wall again. So exactly how much lig is released? 1/2 inch? I just don’t know. And if it is 1/2 inch, is it worth it?

Yes,but I remember when I did gain a little bit (0.5 cm!!) and you could feel the difference in my hand so 1/2 inch or maybe an inch after hanging weights would make a difference to 5.25 in length.

I know I can gain girth no problem.The problem is my penis is a really tough cookie,hard to stretch,its more like a muscle than penile tissue.

Have you ever felt fatigue from hanging? If so, have you tried to use an ADS to get the microtears to heal in an extended state?

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2 years of hanging with no results and a total of 30 posts? Would have been a good idea to get more input before now but be that as it may.

Have you considered taking a few months off then hitting it with a vengance? This has worked for a lot of hard gainers. Also, is possible ED and loss of sensation woth the little bit of gains that having some guy slice open your pecker will give?

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Before you go for any surgery, please do some research either at with doctors, medical books or other books on the subject. Have you really tried the other exercises that Thunder suggests. There is also a good article in the June issue of Men’sHealth page 100,Sizing Me Up by Joe Queenan (Average Joe). You know jo90 your girth is very good and if you know have to make the right moves on that special person in your life, I think your girth will really make up for your length. You still can give other pleasure with your good old fingers. Your age may be a factor, if you are under 20 you still have some more natural growth time to go through. Finally don’t be to eager to go under the knife. Good luck and keep us informed.

How disappointing for you Jo after all the time and effort. Be rigorous in your research, there would appear to be a vast range of expertise in the field of surgery. I hoped to have laser treatment to remove the need for glasses, but I was put off by the small chance it could all go wrong, and what you hope to do is equally risky in my opinion, if not more so.

There was a programme on TV a while back here in the UK, which you may have seen and it was not all plain sailing. The inventor of the Jes-extender Jorn Ege Siana, is first and foremost a specialist in penile lengthening, and given that he is approved by the Danish Medical Authorities, he might be someone to consider for the procedure if you are determined to go ahead. He seemed to have an impressive success rate, which I vaguely remember watching on Satellite TV a few years ago, on the Dutch Channel VOX.

I hope everything works out for you, whatever you do.

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Rousseau’s advice strikes me as prudent. Whatever you do, even if you have to wait and save up more money to do so, find and use a competent and experienced surgeon. If he can’t demonstrate a history of performing these procedures, I wouldn’t even consider him as a candidate to do the surgery.

I won’t tell you not to do it, because for one I doubt you would listen. In truth though I’m unsure that it would even be good advice to advice against. I don’t know anything about the procedure, aside from what is written here, but I am skeptical of the cost/benefit if the best you can hope for is a 1/2 inch gain. Hardly worth the risk in my opinion.

Have you tried any of the manual stretches? I think you should give the JAI stretches a try.

I hung for 7 months(stopped at the end of April), got up to 22 1/2 lbs, and usually hung for 5-7, 20 minute sets a day, 6-7 days a week. I gained…nothing! Bib is right when he says that at “some” point the ligs will fail; I just needed to see something, anything. If I put that much time into lifting, I’d be huge. So I stopped, went back to jelqing this past month. Like you, I must have ligs of steel. I’ve tried OTS, SO, and BTC. Nothing, although I did get a slight girth increase, which for me is easy.

With a pre jelq pumping session and wearing either the Captn’s wench or The Tugger as an ADS, I’ve gotten almost a 1/8” increase in length this month. I’ll take it.

I too looked into surgery and once I viewed the pictures of post surgery penises, I said no fucking way. If these were the successes, WTF did the failures look like? It’s horrible and alot of the surgeries aren’t successful(a lot are). I’ve only got one dick and I’m in no hurry and in the meantime, PE pushes a lot of blood through my cock and my cock likes that. I never had ED problems but nonetheless, I’m a firm(get it, firm?) believer in blood engorgement, like a pump from lifting. I can feel it’s good for the tissues being worked.

Like jersey, I’m not going to tell you don’t do it. Once you do, there’s no going back. If you are still young(I’m 52), you’ve got lots of time for natural PE.

There’s someone at Thunder’s(don’t recall when it was posted and who it is. I might have read it in the archives) that it took over 3 years to start getting gains. Maybe someone here knows who it is/was so you can read his posts. So maybe you still can start gaining. Hope this helps.

I can see your frustration but I don’t see the need for surgery. You have a nice girth and could take that up to say 6”. I’m jelous as hell of your nice plump cock. In my opinion it’s the girth that makes a big one big.

I would say take a few months off. Don’t do anything. Then come back and try manual stretching and pumping. Nothing to loose there and you might be surprised.

Originally Posted by beenthere

There’s someone at Thunder’s(don’t recall when it was posted and who it is. I might have read it in the archives) that it took over 3 years to start getting gains. Maybe someone here knows who it is/was so you can read his posts. So maybe you still can start gaining. Hope this helps.

I think you’re referring to Dance… he was at PE Forums for a very long time and posted here some before he disappeared. I think some of his stuff is linked on the FAQ & Glossary page. Also all over PE Forums Best Posts Archives and I think some in the hanging section here.


Thanks for the responses.I know what you mean by the surgery,the scar does’nt look nice and I don’t want my erect angle to go any lower as it’s quite low anyway.However I am still going to look in to it properly and might get bin touch with the guy that rousseau506 has mentioned.The Laser surgery would be better and i’d imagine the scar would’nt be as noticable.
Anyway I’m going to order the tugger.Larry29,have you or anyone else used this device while sleeping.I do my PE late at night and this would be perfect to let it heal in an extended position.


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