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The "Z-Stretch"

The "Z-Stretch"

I developed a new technique which is probably named something else, but I call it the “Z-Stretch”

I’m not saying I’m the first to think of this, but I haven’t read it anywhere else, so don’t take offense if you thought of it first.

I first do a couple of good manual stretches to the right, left, up down, and out just to get the penis flexible. I then start to do some V-Stretches for awhile, then I go into what I dubbed the “Z-Stretch” It is basically a modified V Stretch, but I feel this incredible stretch that I’ve never felt before, and amazingly enough, it is easier to do. Pull your penis straight out with reverse grip at the head (like you’re jelqing) then apply the thumb from your other hand and begin a V-Stretch. Then you take your hand that is gripping the head, and you rotate it down (Your pinky side of your hand should be rotating away from you) This forms a Z or S shape with the penis. Proceed to apply pressure to all joints by pulling away from the body, while pushing down with the first hand, and up with the second. The stretch you’ll get is utterly indescribable!

I’ll break the the penis into sections so you guys can understand easier. I’ll refer to each of them as follows….

Penis base= 1
Point where you apply V-stretch= 2
Point where thumb from other hand that is gripping the head applies pressure= 3
Penis Head= 4

All these points are stressed with this stretch. It is like a pully system. The more you have, the more effect it will have.

Is this what you are doing? If so, I think Z-stretch is an excellent name.

I posted this a few years back in another forum. These can be quite intense when you get the hang of it. I had forgotten how effective they are. I is hard for me to believe that I gained that much that fast but I would not have written it if it were not true.

“Grasp the head of your penis with your right hand in the crook of your thumb and pull your penis strait out.

Grasp the base of your penis with the same part of your left hand. Both palms should be facing your body at this point.

Now rotate your left hand so that your left palm is facing down. As you do this the shaft of your penis is pulled taunt over the knuckles of your left hand.

Now hook the fingers of your right hand over the part of your left hand that would make contact if you were to karate chop something.

You are now in the basic stretching position. From here you can do a lot of different things like push both hands toward the ground, or pull strait out with both hands.

When I first started doing these I gained something like 1/4 in length in 3 weeks. This was a couple of years ago.

I am not claiming to have invented this stretch. Just about all of the veterans have stumbled upon just about every way to manipulate the penis. Also, this exercise is or has probably been written somewhere at some time, but I don’t remember seeing it so I thought I would write it out.”


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