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The switch to dry jelqing...


The switch to dry jelqing...

As I was preparing myself for my return to college, I began dry jelqing instead of wet jelqing, as that will be my required form of jelqing while away. I have been dry jelqing for only 5 sessions so far and I have noticed a drastic change. My length significantly increased, while my girth significantly decreased! I’m really not sure what to make of it. In this short time my length went from 7.2 to 7.35 while my girth went from 5.8 down to 5.6. I was really disappointed in the loss of girth. The thing is, I’m really not sure why this occured. My technique is very similar except I start the jelq a little higher on the shaft. Also, my erection level is a bit softer (which most likely accounted for the length gain). My question is; why is there such a drastic change? and what can I do to get my girth back?

Originally Posted by JoeCool
… and what can I do to get my girth back?


Just do your dryjelqing at a higher erection rate( 80% erect or so, but not 100% to avoid injuries) to encourage more girth expansion.


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I’ve never heard of anyone’s girth just disappearing. For me, dry jelqing is more intense than wet, you might have just overworked your stick a little. I am sure your girth will “reappear”, once your dick gets used to it and becomes a little more conditioned. I hope this helps a little, I don’t give advice as far what exercise to do, sorry.


Measurement error?

Thank you very much about the helpful and prompt responses.

Sparky, I am positive that there aren’t any measurement errors. I am a very scientific person, and this was my little experiment. I measured many times before and after the switch, and there is no doubt as to the change.

Redwood, That is an interesting and likely idea. The sad thing is that according to the p-volume calculator, I actually lost volume. Despite the length increase, the decrease in girth outweighed the length, and I lost volume. What happened in your case, and how did it resolve and equal out again?

Alice and Peforeal, from your experience, do you think that girth will come back once it becomes conditioned or I start at higher levels of erection? Also, if I do work at higher levels of erection and the girth comes back, will the length disappear? Is this the recommended thing to do for people in my position, or should I just revert back to wet jelqing?

Thanks again for your help.

Well, twice while going from 5.25”EG to 5.5”EG I dropped back to 5.25” and made a length gain.(around an 1/8” or so) Which would as you explained sort of be a loss, however this length is stable and has remained, and I’ve been able to slowly work my girth up another 1/8” over the last two weeks. Girth is really weird for me that way. So if my new EG gains turn into length gains again, I won’t be supprized, but I’m sure at some point I have to keep some of it as girth.(after all I did keep my first 1/4” EG gains sinse I started)

I’ve been thinking about trying out pumping, as alot of guys who pump here have made amazing girth gains. But they do say it’s good to gain length first so maybe I’ll just take what gains come and be happy.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Frequent measuring is not always a good thing. It generally leads to disappointment. Jelqing works, wet or dry. Just do your exercises and measure less often.

I had the opposite experience. I lost 1/4” length and gained 1/4” in girth. I’ve stopped PE’ing again since then though, as I just want to see if the stats remain the same while deconditioning.

The only thing I’m doing now is using a velcro constrictor over night which adds a little to nocturnal erection level, but slack enough to allow blood out once the erection fades.

I have worked out a valuable jelqing routine for my own personal needs. which is sort of obvious when you think about it. During my session, I switch erection levels from 40,85,40,85…I’m seeing more length already, and my girth is slowly coming back!

Variations in size are normal due to physiological conditions that present themselves during an erection. Don’t get concerned about losing size here or there, that is completely normal. There are times during the arousal stages that the valves shut down additional blood to the penis resulting in smaller erections. At other times the smooth muscles of the penis allow for excessive flow resulting in a more swollen appearance than what you might consider normal. It’s not unlike looking in the mirror on occasion and thinking your fat and at other times you are thin due to water retention and the like. So, go back to sleep, your boner will be bigger in the morning. Also, wet jelqing is worthless, it might feel more slippery and fun but it is very inefficient in terms of building girth. If you want to tighten down the screws you do not put pennzoil on the handle; it just makes no sense.

Originally Posted by Tomba

Also, wet jelqing is worthless


How long do you think it will take for the inch and a half I gained to disappear?

Where is your evidence?

The reason jelqs are performed “wet” (lubricated) is to avoid chaffing and irritation to the skin, not because the lubrication facilitates some kind of magic growth.

What a ridiculous statement to make in the newbie forum. Thousands of men have gained length and girth following a routine incorporating wet jelqs. Please do not fill inexperienced members heads with half truths and hear-say.

I agree with Andrew I made excellent gains with wet jelqing I gained about an inch from jelqing wet alone. I will add though that I do think dry jelqing might be better I just can’t stand it. I’m also cut and that makes it harder.

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I guess I should not have said it is worthless, it does have it’s place especially if you slide your hand with the frequency of the pump action on an air rifle. Jelqing is more about squeezing than sliding. There are a multitude of ways to do things but some will be more effective than others. You have people doing hundreds of these wet jelq routines, it makes no sense. It is only necessary to do whats appropriate for growth; unfortunately, a lot of people are not in tune with the sensations required for growth.

PE is similar to going to the orthodontist. You wear your braces and appliances for years to cement a small repositioning of your teeth. For most people your teeth do not move very much in the process; the majority of the time your appliances are working to maintain and stop the teeth from moving back to there original position. It is only during the visit monthly when your good buddy cranks down the wires and your sipping soup through a straw for the next week that you get an infinitesimal amount of movement. The rest of the time it is about maintaining.

I am just saying if you are doing a hundred of anything in PE you are not doing much of anything. You have to do the best exercises that stimulate growth. If the concentration we’re on the 2 or 3 techniques that effectively promote growth there would not be such confusion and frustration with developing gains. I read these convoluted routines by people and I wonder where they find the time in the day, you have to generate what the orthodontist delivers in your short monthly visit I.e. Crank down the screws and go limp for the next 3 hours. It is all over the board, people do things all day and all night and 300 of this and 500 of that, I mean, you cannot be serious. Why would you wet jelq and then dry jelq, makes no sense. It’s as if to say, I am going to do some bicep curls dry and then for my last set I am going to step in the shower and do my last set wet. Makes no sense. If you need the lubrication, ok, go for it.

Uli’s are about pressure and squeezing, jelqing is about way more than that. There is an increase in pressure directly above the grip, creating an intense pressure gradient working a ring up the shaft, there is also the effect of the general pressure you mention.

Please don’t corrupt the newbie forum with bad information, peppering it with half understood anatomical detail to make it look kosher. Thanks.

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