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The perfect size bar-none


The perfect size bar-none

I know that debate about this is huge but i’m gonna be cocky and say I know the exact perfect size.

It’s 7(nbp-that means 7 inches of dick outside your body) and 6.5 inches girth. Plenty of size for those who like em big and small enough so that the small girls can get used to it.


Seven nbp x 6.5? I can tell you seven isn’t perfect, lengthwise.

I’m convinced 8 is the tap# as far as cul-de-sac goes.

I think?

Girth after eight!

You’ll probably cop a lot more flak than this, but I don’t think you can define a ‘perfect size’.

It differs tremendously from couple to couple….

For instance, my girlfriend usually prefers about 7-8 inside her, but even more when she’s really really excited.

And, although at 5.5 girth, I am a fair way away from the 6.5 you propose, I think she could manage (and would probably enjoy) anything up to 7.

Not to flame you or anything but I think just about everyone will be able to give their own personal accounts to discredit your proposal. :)

Discredit what?

I think it would more depend on the woman. Some can take more than others you know?


Go for the GOALd!

Sorry Nick, I wasnt addressing you, I thought I was the first to respond to this thread…

It was aimed at vegetagd.

I would say that 7 inches lenght and 5 inches girth is the perfect”no complaints size”.womens preferances do differ but that should be satisfactory.imo.

Nick 7 is right… an 8” nbp length would do the trick.

My starting size is 7 nbp and it is only satisfactory. In some positions I can reach my girl’s cul-de-sac and make her shoot but in other positions my length is insufficient to reach the cul-de-sac.

Thus, I KNOW it is better to have a little extra.

You need at least 5.5” girth ideally if you look at it from the standpoint of being able to service most women. A 6” girth has to be ideal. 6.5” is getting into the huge category.

For argument’s sake, in some positions I can bury the extra length attributed to bp so that is actually USABLE length.
Therefore, an 8” bp length would be almost as good as the 8” nbp length for leaner individuals.

yea it depends on the girl and it tepends of the position too. Big diference between doggy style and missionary

I would say 6.5 girth is far too big for most women. I think 7.5x5.5 is ideal for the majority of women.

Every woman is different and as they mature (bear children) they change. For my wife pre-childbirth I think 7 nbp by 5 was perfect. Now after 2 kids I think 8 by 6 would be perfect. I think alot of young women who haven’t had kids yet would find 6.5 girth to be quite huge and maybe uncomfortable. I don’t think you’ll find any perfect size for all women, but you could find it for a particular woman.


This topic has been discussed ad-naseum since the beginning of time and will probaby go until the end of time.

However, I agree 7 to 8 on length nbp, but 6.5 girth, what about oral? how many women can fit that much girth in their mouth?? You can probably forget about oral sex……..

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wrong question

Think it should be how far away do you want to be from your sexual partner(s) when doing the deed?

If you don’t stop PE’ing until you can throw it over your shoulder, you’re gonna be too far away and maybe have to install some kind of phone based in-sex communication system.

This may sound real corny but here goes:

I think if a girl loves you she will love you at any size. Jennifer loved my cock at 6.5” in length with a little under 5” in girth and she loves my cock today at it’s current size.

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