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The Perfect "Safe" Size


The Perfect "Safe" Size

I’m reworking my goals right now and am in the process of determining a size that is very large, but not too big as it would ruin my chances with most girls. I’m still a collge student and I realise that there will still be several women in my life before I settle down. I thought it too soon to go for my long term goal of 9 x 6.5. So I come to all you more experienced sex fiend’s asking: what is the size between very large and “hell no, I ain’t sticking that thing in me!”?


Imho, the main hurdle is getting her mind to accept that you’ll probably fit fine whatever size you are on the path to your goal. However, if her mind says no then likely she’ll be tight as hell no matter what. If you want a size that will not make her numb then I have no experience of that, but the classic 8x6 seems a good candidate. You could always leave the light off so as not to frighten her.

I think that’s about 7.5x5.75nbp. Just below 8x6 :) .

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

iamaru, that thread is exactly what makes this place unique. I really get a sense from the guys that have been here for a while that although size is imporrtant , but it is far from the most important (I know guys will chime in on that statement :D ). If you can’t use it, what good is it. To guys just starting (me included) I would say learn to use what you have now before you go trying to make it bigger.

I would say for average women 7x5.5 is plenty. Now I’m not saying that anything over that is too much, but I would think you would have to know how to use it or it won’t be enjoyable for your partner.


There is no perfect size, because every woman/man prefers different sizes.

Pick the size you want and try to get there. If you do get there, you won’t lack for partners who can handle it, if they find you appealing in the first place.

For getting getting blow jobs, though. Do some thinking about girth.



8” x 6” NBP is a classic :D

Current: 8+ x 5.5

soon to be nine.

Start (7/20/2004): 6.75 BPEL x 5.5 EG
Current (2/24/2004): 8 BPEL x 5.8 EG mid-shaft.6 EG Base

I’m still trying to figure out how you started five months after your current measurement and still managed an increase of 1.25in by going back in time five months.

Very interesting, please share your routine

Yeah, nice gains!


How I love that name! I even wrote a song about it:

“Doubles, doubles
doubles, doubles,
doubles, doubles,


Maybe you can use it as your theme song in some future Thundersplace Multimedia Extravaganza?


Thanks for all the responses.

Wbasset, I’ve used that site and others like it to find my ultimate goal size, but right now I don’t want an overkill, I just want that fine line before it will cost me less sex, oh and I want a really long run on sentence.

Iamaru, I am well aware of that issue, but thanks for posting it again. I know a lot of people forget about that in an effort to simply walk around with the title “huge dick.”

XLmagnum, yes, I know. The whole point of this thread is finding a median.

Inoxia, you’ve never tried the time traveler’s routine? Soon I’ll have a natural 9 at birth.

There have been a lot of responses, but some people weren’t really sure what I was getting at. I don’t want to get too big at a young age where I can’t enjoy the simple pleasures of college life. I’m just looking for people’s opinion on the size in between very large and where I’ll start getting turned down for sex. A lot of the married guys can go for the 9 x 7 because they know their SO’s can handle it. I’m just looking for a safety, or rambling a bunch of BS, I haven’t decided.

Also, thought I’d throw in that I’m very conscious of what the girl is going through now that I’ve gone through some issues with my ex-girlfriend. I always include lots of foreplay and make sure the girl is more than ready. I haven’t slept with many girls, but some of my lady friends tell me I have a pretty good reputation preceding me.

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What do you you guys think about 8 x 6 nbp? For those of you who have/had this size, how do average women respond? I remember seeing a thread dealing with 8 x 6, I’ll try searching harder.

There is no ‘perfect’ size. Perfect for intercourse, considering the various positions? What about oral and anal? Vagina size varies as much as penis size from one woman to the next, and with the same woman, can vary greatly, depending on her state of arousal. Way to many variables to declare a ‘perfect’ size.

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