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The Key to my First Gains

The Key to my First Gains

For the first month and a half of PE, I didn’t have any noticable gains. My routine consisted of basic jelqing and stretching, an hour a day. I started browsing around in search of a remedy, and stumbled upon the infamous “Dr. Ling” and his website,

I read about his ballooning method, which struck a chord in me, because the premise behind it was obviously a little different than jelqing, more chemical instead of mechanical maybe. Anyways, I came back here, and learned that most of the people around here figured Mr. Ling to be a salesman full of baloney, but I was interested in trying something new. Using a kind of blend between his ballooning and jelqing, I’ve gained close to 1/4 in length in just over a week. Here’s the routine:

First of all, the ballooning method is difficult to do. To do it properly, you need to be able to maintain a full erection for half an hour, and you also need to be in good cardiovascular shape as well. You need to be very aroused to perform this, almost to the point of ejaculation. You should really check out the site if you haven’t already, to understand more the science and stuff.

Many here have used different types of squeezes to produce a very high pressure within the penis. The result is the “veiny” look, where the bloody thing looks like its about ready to pop. Ballooning recreates this very same thing, but without any external stimuli. The process is kind of hard to explain, I’m actually still learning it exactly. Ling calls it “anal breathing,” and the closest thing to it that I can describe, is like a reverse kegal mixed with a contraction of the lower abdomen. At first it was very hard to get the feeling right (you’ll know you’ve got it when you feel the pressure build up in the little spot right above the asshole.) Now, its getting easier to isolate that one spot, and I don’t have to work as hard. You hold this contraction for as long as possible, ballooning the penis until it is unbelievably hard. This will allow, if done correctly, your erections to point almost to the sky.

This is where I add my own twist. After I can’t hold the pressure anymore, I let it go and begin to jelq. Maybe only about 20 slow strokes. Ling recommends a “gentle massage,” but that didn’t strike my fancy. After this small break, I jack myself back to near ejaculation, and repeat the process. It takes a certain amount of discipline, and is certainly harder than just jelqing in front of the T.V., but its paying off. I’ve heard others mention this concept before. I guess it has something to do with testosterone and DHT and such, but the level of arousal is extremely important. This “anal breathing” is also a technique used to stop premature ejaculation.

Try it out, if, like me, your routine isn’t really working. Check out Ling’s website. This is one aspect of his site that is free from sales pitches. He just says that your body needs to meet certain requirements for it to work. I should note that cardiovascular shape is probably a huge deal for this. While I’m ballooning, I literally can see the veins on my lower abdomen pop out, as well as the ones on my penis. But I’ve always been a veiny guy. I’m only 135 pounds and about 5 feet 10 inches tall. As far as shape goes, the last time I ran a mile about 5 months ago I clocked 5:22, so I’m in good shape. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. Maybe this has been said before, but I’m new to the game, and wanted to contribute a little. Later.

Not to detract from your very interesting post, but that “anal breathing” thing? I think I know a few people who practice that. I just wish they wouldn’t talk so close to me.

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Actually if you read that part of his site thoroughly, it says if your body cannot meet certain conditions for the ballooning method he has a supplement you can buy to charge your body.

I thnk that my squeeze session is usually a ballooning type of session.

I just do erect dry jelqs with a keagel before every stroke, thats ballon enough for me. And its good for the headsize.

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