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Testicles/Inguinal anatomy...

Testicles/Inguinal anatomy...

OK, all you anatomy boffins…

Can you confirm for me whether the vas and blood supply for the testicles comes down the inguinal canal or not?

I’m thinking if it does, then you could push your testes into the inguinal canals and then clamp as far back as if you were clamping your whole package… You just wouldn’t have to clamp your vas and teste blood supply, which would be a good thing for your balls of course…

Any idea?

See Ya,


I had to look it up. :)

Yes, the blood supply and vas deferens travel through the inguinal canal. However, that’s fairly lateral to the root of the penis and, depending on now loose your scrotum is, shouldn’t be in the way for deep base clamping. If your scrotal sac is always tight, then I can see how it might be in the way.

Some guys have balls that retract into the canal upon ejaculation or even with erection. I guess your ability to do that would depend on the size of your eggs and the size of the canal. It might be easier to sit in a warm bath for a while and see if you can get them to hang lower, then dry off and do the clamping.


Ah Westla!

I knew it would be you!

My scrotum is not particularly tight - so I would be as well just clamping the whole package and the services to my testes will remain unaffected? I’ll see how I go…

Thanks again!


See Ya,


No, clamp only the base of the penis. Wrap first with a self adhesive bandage and use the smaller of the commercially available cable clamps.

A cock ring can go around the whole package, but I would not use a clamp that way.


OK - so push the testes back, but not into the inguinal canal, and then clamp just the penis…

It might take me a while but I get there in the end!

See Ya,


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