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Anatomy of the penis for everyone

Anatomy of the penis for everyone

Hi guys

While reading trough many of the threads I realised that still many members (even some of the the older guys) do not really know the anatomy of the penis too well. Especially when it comes to injuries it is crucial to know what it could be, meaning “do I have to see a doc or not”! Here are some really good drawings of the innervation, the blood supply and the gross anatomy! The article tells you all you have to know about your tool!

Have a look at the nerves! It gives you an idea of how to stretch when you really do not want to injure a nerve! (It just happend to me!)

-> Nerves heal very slowly (up to 6 months!) meaning that’s what you want to injure the least!
-> Also one thing what you can’t see on the pics: the glans and the corpus spongiosum are connected to the corpora cavernosa with strong tissue! The corpora cavernosa also communicate with each other meaning the septum between them isnt complete the blood can flow either way!

I hope it can help some of you to imagine how the whole thing looks down there!

Cheers and have fun,

I am off on a healing brake -> nerves!!


Here’s the link!


Originally Posted by surfdude
-> Nerves heal very slowly (up to 6 months!) meaning that’s what you want to injure the least!

Damn it! Those were second on my list of which part of the penis I wanted to injure.

What is the symptom of your damaged nerve SurfDude?

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