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I was wondering if anyone else has trouble gaining girth on the upper shaft. I have been doing ulis for the past two weeks, I know probally to early draw any conclusions, but I have increased girth. But the imbalance for top to bottom in girth is increasing. First gain was prettty much 5.5 from top to bottom to 6.25 at the base to 6.0 mid to top. The next gain after adding the ulis to bring things into balance is 6.5 at the base, 6.25 mid shaft, 6.125 under the glands. My guess was that the balloning effect I get is restricting the growth in the upper have of my shaft. I would appreciate some input as to whether I should just work through it, someone had once said this about pumping a the balloning, and things will balance out on there own. Or switch things up.

mrlojo; It’s beginning to look like I am one of the few vocal pumping advocates here. In my experience, pumping does give more symmetrical gain. If the cylinder size is just right, say, 1/4th inch of free space all around your cock when in vacuum, expansion is uniform around the entire shaft and the head can also expand fully. Vet pumpers talk a lot about “packing” the tube. I don’t feel that this is at all important for permanent gains.



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