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Problem with scrotum symmetry

Problem with scrotum symmetry

I have a question regarding my scrotum.

The problem is most noticeable when really warm and flacid.
Then, the left side is hanging down sloppily as compared
to the right side.
The reason for this is that I had an hernia a couple
of years ago which I operated to remove the excess vein.
To the question; Should I operate and remove the excess
skin, are there any other way of reducing the size or should
I start to pull the right side to get back symmetry.

Open for suggestions.


My understanding of scrotums is that one side always hangs lower than the other. If your nuts hung right next to each other they might start bouncing around like a pair of click clacks.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

The problem is that the difference can be as big as 1.5”. Suggestions?

I’m new to this board, but I’ve posted a few on the other forum.

Everyone has one nut lower than the other and for some unknown reason it is almost always the left one. 1.5 inches sounds a little much, but everyone’s got some of that.

If you’ve had an operation in that area and you think that’s the cause then by all means at least talk to your doctor about it.

Another suggestion is switching to briefs if you don’t wear them already. That way your balls don’t have to support their own weight all day and they won’t get banged around. Mine hang fairly low and quite a bit lower if I wear boxers even for a day.


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