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Stretching During a Uli

Stretching During a Uli

Yeah, I tried it. I did NOT pull hard. I watched as the shaft expanded foward while I applied a very casual gentle stretch from just behind the glans. I didn’t hold the stretch for long, I was just feeling it out to see if it would feel alright.

I don’t know if this is good for anything, but I’ll bet someone will say it’s bad. After I was done with all my sets (I didn’t stretch during all of them), I had a plump flaccid riddled with those reddish purple spots. Looks like progress to me. I don’t know if the spots came from just the Ulies alone, or if it was from the gentle stretching.

I suppose I’ll take tomorrow off from Extreme Ulies… give my cock time to heal. I’ll go by feel.

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Prickle, I’ve done this at times. It definitely feels like the shaft is expanding and stretching, but I’ve never stuck with it long enough to tell. I’m right now currently only working length, so I haven’t messed with this much. I don’t recall seeing this move get much play, so please keep us posted. I think it has potential, and will be curious to see what it does for you…

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There’s always the “extreme Uli” where you attach weights to your Uli device. I’ve frequently stretched while doing a Uli, and like RB I don’t know how effective it is. Seems like a good exercise to me.

How do you attach weights to a Uli device?

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Ya know, I’ve been thinking about it and visualizing it, and I think stretching while in an extreme uli may contribute to the baseball bat effect.

I don’t think I’ll keep trying it.

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