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strange flacid streach length+prog

My Prog+dead streach length=bpel WHY?

First off I have to say this place is TEN TIMES the site penilefitness is… and It’s free!

I just started PE three weeks ago today.
My starting stats:
7.125 bpel
dead streach.. same? WHY ARE THEY THE SAME?
erect girth 5.6-7

GOAL: 8.5x6.28

routine 10min hot bath
10-15 mins manual strech alt hands three 30 sec holds w/slaps full erection let subside repeat

15 min jelk alt palm up/down

5-10 min shower

Enough? Not Enough?
Thanks in advance for all replies and suggestions

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Dear Rich,

It sounds to me that you have a pretty good program. I have been PEing for 6 weeks - so we are not that far apart. In the first month I gained 3/4 in. EL and 1 in. EG. I have followed a regimen similar to yours. However, I recently started hanging and I truly believe that this is going to help me gain significantly more. I couldn’t get a Bib Hanger since Bigger stopped selling them online (too many orders!). I have been hinting and begging for one on the forum so we will see. In the meantime, I made the AFB2 hanger that Tom Hubbard designed. It works quite well and I have moved up to hanging 10 lbs. I typically measure only once a month because I think that my unit can fluctuate a little. However, today I noticed that it looked noticeably longer during my second PE workout of the day (I hang in the AM and stretch/jelq in the PM). I measured and almost freaked. It was 6.75 EL nbp. Considering that I started at 5.5 EL nbp I have gained 1.25 in. EL in 6 weeks. I don’t expect it to continue at this pace, however, I believe that I still have a lot of ligament stretching left. I am shooting for 8 in. EL nbp. You may want to consider hanging. I am now sold on it!

Best of luck to you and please continue to post your progress.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

thanks bro

I truly appreciate the reply and I am going to build a hanger ala

THmk2. A side note I strted dating this girl a few weeeks ago an we just had sex for the first time last night. I have been peing for the last 3.5 weeks. I was all worried that Iwas going to be too small bla bla bla. I had perf anxiety and could only achieve at best a 60-70% erection. To my joy and surprise. She had the swweetest tasting tightest pussy I have ever had the pleasure to sink into. She was overwhelmed by lil ol me! “Be gentle go slow

ahhh I have founde the girl for me. ButI will still pe till I m over 8 and 6.25 around for ME.



You say you are an educated person, so I’m sure you will respect my skepticism.

2.5” in 6 weeks is awesome. And .75” in two weeks is fucking incredible. That word is a synonym of unbelievable.

I love seeing people gaining. I have gained an inch in two years (not an intense two years mind you) and I’m happy. I don’t give a damn about big guys getting bigger, however I feel satisfied to see guys with below average size really enlargen their penises.

You only measure once a month, have been PEing 6 weeks, so what’s the possibility your first measurement was off?

Ask your urologist mate (why doesn’t he want to come to the forum…oh that’s right, he feels it unethical, although he has also gained 2.5”) if the penis can PHYSICALLY grow that much in 6 weeks. We are talking about skin growth, cell growth, vein growth, urethea growth etc. I think you see what I’m getting at. In what state was your penis before PE? To what extent could this be regrowth due to a shrunken penis?

I am pleased to see that you have seen growth, I mean that sincerely. I will never envy another guys penis :chuckle: But over a centimetre a week is just a bit much for me to chew on.

And I’m not gay ;)



I don’t mean to be curt, but you should recheck your math. I said that I went from 5.5 EL to 6.75 EL. That is a gain of 1.25 inches in six weeks, not 2.5 inches. I suspect that the .5 inches that I gained in two weeks of hanging is the result of the internal ligaments loosening. Also, it “is” possible that I could have actually been 1/4 inch longer than what my starting measurement was (some erections are more intense than others and my last measurement was with a very intense erection). So, I, like you think that there is room for error. However, I am convinced that my total increase over the past 6 weeks has been “at least” 1 full inch. I have been working very hard at this with a sharp eye out for possible damage from over-doing it. However, so far so good. I agree with the PHYSICAL reality that you speak of. I don’t believe that it is possible to gain 2.5 inches in 6 weeks. I feel very fortunate to have gained so much so fast and fully realize that I will hit a plateau very soon. However, I plan to work through it in order to reach my goal of 8 inches EL or a total gain of 2.5 inches. I hope that this clarifies things a bit.

Best of luck to you! I always enjoy your posts.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Guiri: lets hear it for the hard gainers!

.75” in a year for me… but I started out super fit & healthy, with a chubby (5.5”) that stays hard, literally, all day if I want. I really think that has a lot to do with me being a hard gainer.
Some guys are making up for poor circulation, unhealthy lifestyle etc. I think that their is something to pencile dicks streeching easier. Also, in the same vain, If you have a really tough/solid/dense dick, it would be harder to stretch. Finally, I am just a hard gainer period. It takes me a long time to pack on muscle, but when I do it is super dense, super tough, and takes forever to fatigue. Had a hellofa time getting certified as a life guard. I can’t do the dead man’s float, I “float” about 2 feet beneath the surface.
Ah well, would love to have lilbig1’s rate of gaines, but in the long run Ill get where Im going.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I stand corrected

Jelktoid, my maths was off. Those weights on the end of my dick must have cut off circulation to both heads. ;)

Iamaru, I can realte to that dead float story…if I tried that for a couple of mins, I’d be dead alright…6 feet under, too.


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