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Something VERY strange. Maybe injury.

Something VERY strange. Maybe injury.

I did too much jelquing one night and it was only the middlw of my second week. I got every symptom of too much and was scared to death and when I woke up the next morning the skin and skin only on top of my shaft was pretty dull as far as any feeling goes. I found someone else who has had this problem too. I heard it could be from rubbing on the skin tooo hard so the skins nerves sort of deaden. I hope this is only temporary. if anyone has any comments please respond. thanks.

leave it alone for 3 or 4 days - it ought to get back to normal, if not see a doc.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Loss of Sensitivity

This has been reported before, and is probably temporary in your case, — and I support luvaduvus’ advice.

The dick takes a pounding in the first months of PE. Hence all the “take it slowly” advice.

Jelquing right up near and onto the head should be avoided so that these nerves aren’t ever damaged.

In my case I’ve always come too quickly, so a bit of loss of shaft sensitivity isn’t a bad thing—- but that’s not what everyone may want.

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loss in sensitivity

it has been about 5 days and no improvement. the other guy who had this says he only noticed an improvement, slight, after a week or so and is still working with it. mine seems to be moving around or spreading, i dunno I may be dreaming. the spot of deadness is like on the top of the shaft from close to the base to like 2 inches or so from the base of the head and a little more on the left side.

My advice to you is to stop doing any PE at least as long the feeling of numbness completely goes away.

I have had a similar injury to yours 2.5 month ago, and it still did not go away completely. I think nerve injury is a real danger of PE, especially if you do it too strong and too quickly.

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