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Strange Injury From Jelqing

Kegel enhanced jelqing

I started PEing back in 2005 and got into it pretty seriously and consistently for about 6 months. I followed the newbie routine for the first 6 months but instead of starting off with normal jelqs I went straight into Kegel enhanced jelqs. I would squeeze my kegels and let my penis fill up with blood then I would perform my jelq. This worked great for the first few months. I ended up taking a month off from Jelqing and then got back into it with the same routine that I left off on. After three days of these Kegel enhanced Jelqs I woke up one morning with a dead penis. This damage was done back in 2006 and I still haven’t completely gotten better yet. The biggest issues I notice now with my penis is the lack of control and blood flow. I have seen many Urologists and specialists since then and they all determine there is nothing wrong with my penis. I went to see a pelvic floor specialist a few months back and told what happened. She figures I have stressed all my pelvic floor muscles out to the point where they aren’t functioning properly. I am in the process of trying to relax my muscles and rehab my injury.

Be careful when performing this exercise it has caused some serious problems for me!

So I am wondering if any of you have had an experience like this at all? I would like to get some advise from you guys about how to deal with this. I’m very confident that It’s treatable, if you guys can shed any light on this it would be really appreciated. What damage could I have done to myself by doing these kegel enhanced jelqs to early in my routine?


I haven’t heard of this injury before. I have been looking into performing kegels while jelqing though. Thanks for the heads up.

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How is your sensitivity? Do you feel numbness or such?

In my opinion you could have caused one or more of : a) nerve injury; b) tunica rupture; c) venous breakage.

In all my ignorance on the matter, I think the hypothesis or your urologist is an ignorant one. :D It simply doesn’t make any sense to my asinine ears.

Ask to your Doc if those I mentioned could be true, explaining also what you believe has caused all that. You could enligthen your urologist. :spin2:

Right after the injury I felt numbness for a few months. I let my unit rest and used hot wraps to increase blood flow and encourage repair. This did not benefit my situation at all. After seeing this pelvic floor specialist I started doing a lot of stretching and exercises to relax muscles and get them working properly again. I noticed a big difference after doing a few weeks of these routines from her.

I have asked Urologists about these possibilities and they have all said there is no way that I have any serious venous leakage or nerve damage. I have had numerous tests done to prove these possibilities false. After going through these tests with my Urologist he finally forwarded me on to this pelvic floor specialist. I have noticed a difference since starting to see her. She has used acupuncture, deep tissue massage and tense machine.

This was 100% caused by kegel jelqing.. I’m sure there are some people on this site that have experienced something like this before. What is the best way for me to get some more exposure on the issue?


I think I may have something very similar Hyperlite.

I injured my penis from kegel enhanced jelqing in October 2006 and it hasnt recovered since. I felt two instances of pain, the 2nd two weeks after the first. On this second occassion, I suddenly lost the ability for a satisfactory erection. My penis also had this firm flaccidness that many on this site have spoken about. Almost like the penis cannot fully relax.

I’ve had the doppler scan to check for blood flow, and this came back with no sign of venous leakage, scarring or fibrosis.

I have an appointment with a neurologist in about a month to test for nerve damage.

Once a day cialis over a 2 week trial seemed to work for me to an extent. I could get a useable and hard erection but still had numbness. Have you trialed viagra/cialis hyperlite?
It’s not a long term solution but it’s good to know whats possible.

I’ve started seeing a physio/pelvic floor specialist. She believe I have no core strength/flexibility, and all my muscles in my legs, hips are some of the tightest she’s seen.

My Osteopath found my L4, sacrum and Cocxyx were on shock, and he’s released these areas over the past 3 weeks.

Still havent seen any erectile improvement yet. What differences have you noticed since seeing the pelvic floor specialist hyperlite>?

Make us know what your neurologist says and good luck JG.

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