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Solid new girth exercise-can be intense


You’re going to need to explain this better, lol.

I don’t understand at all how to expand your penis and get more blood in using just your index finger.

To me it sounds like he is doing a variant of the Uli.

From his description it sounds like all he is doing is keeping a tight tourniquet grip at the base (with just one of his hands) with his index finger right on the CS-chamber (the chamber on the underside of the penis). After a while he lets go with the index finger, kegels in some more blood, trap it again with his index finger and “milk” the new blood forward by moving his index finger forward.

If I understand this correct, he is using a over hand OK-grip (thumb and index finger closest to the belly.).

Edit: After reviewing his drawing I think he is using the standard OK-grip (pinkie finger closest to the belly). Using the over hand OK-grip should work as well since it would allow for a tourniquet grip that is much closer to the base. Also, the CS-chamber is much more flexible then the CC-chambers so one probably do not need much force or a great range of motion to “milk” in and trap more blood to create a higher pressure in the CS and the glans with the index finger.

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Yes Babbis, exactly. I gotten slow steady gains with anything I’ve done when I’m not overtraining.

I have done these once or twice after clamping session, by far the most intense stretch. Hard to do for extended periods, how much is enough to see results? Will take time to figure what.

Starting: (2/1/06) (nbpel=7.8) (bpel=8.15) (eg=5 3/16)

06/29/07: (nbpel=8 1/2) (bpel=9) (mid eg=6) (base eg 6.25)

Comparison Pictures, 8in to 9in= My Comparison Pic thread.

Looks like a similar Sadsak Head Exercise!

Hey Babbis,

Can you please explain how you milk or jelq while keeping your hand clamped at the base?

I understand how to clamp and periodically let in blood… and I do this myself sometimes… but I don’t get how to clamp and milk at the same time.

Thanks :) .

Ok, I think I understand it now, but I guess I just don’t get how only moving your index finger can pruduce such pressure.

I tried this without holding my wang and I can slide the tip of my index finger about 3 cm away from my middle finger… which is not much, lol.

When you’re doing this do you keep the very tip of your finger right on the CS… sort of like plugging a hole… or do you just hold the whole thing with a full hand grip?

The whole thing.

The reps depends on how much pressure you use. Do it at end of your workout and stop to the feel.


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