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Solid new girth exercise-can be intense


Solid new girth exercise-can be intense

The Expander

1.100 % erect
2.palm down Ok sign deep as possible, kegel in blood hold should have max blood in much you can .with index finger slide up shaft to expand rest of unit
5.then reload by sliding index back down to collect even more blood

-When I first started couldn’t do to many reps as you can put as much force and collect more and more blood

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I’m not getting the index finger thing. Are you sliding your whole grip (i.e. is it a ULI#3) or are you using a second hand (like a pinch squeeze).

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Sounds intense!!!

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Sounds like full-erection jelqing.

Only thing that moves is the index, gather more blood,slide it up

So tourniquet at the bottom of the shaft with one hand and stroke the penis with the index finger of your other hand (like you would a cat). Is that what you mean?

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No not a stroke, your forcefully pushing blood. A stroke would be too light

Ok grip ,
Force blood up with index ,
Collect more blood with index, one rep,
Force new amount up, collect, repeat


I have to say that it sounds great…but I also have to say that your drawing sucks and still I can not understand your message:) Who is the author of this picture? Looks like a job of a 5 year old ;)

The drawing and exercise are simple, the steps are laid out

TRY——-get in a squeeze and practice using your index finger to force even more blood in your dick while keeping the blood in

Then you r doing it

Ah, so you’ve got a grip at the bottom of the shaft and then you curl your index finger of your second hand around the shaft above the first grip and force the index finger up in a jelqing like motion, like a jelq squeeze without using the thumb on the second hand.

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You just use one hand.

If it’s just one hand it’s an Uli. And how could you possibly push blood all over the shaft with just your index finger? You can maybe move your index finger half an inch because obviously it’s stuck on your hand. Or does your hand move along with it? Then it’d just be an Uli or Dry Jelq. And you just put pressure with your index finger, how can you put pressure if there’s nothing to withhold the pressure, like with a normal jelq the thumb. I just don’t get the point, wouldn’t it be lot easier if you’d just move your hand with it, than it wouldn’t just move half an inch and pressure would be higher. Or have I interpreted it wrong?

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You get any gains from this?

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