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Smoking the reason for not-gaining ?

Smoking the reason for not-gaining ?


I’ve been into PE for a year or 3 now, and I can conclude that whatever technique I use, I haven’t gained a thing. I’ve started with pumping, but this ended dramatically one day, causing me Peyronie’s Disease, which made me stop PE’ing alltogether for almost a year, since then I have been using the Penimaster on a rather non-regular basis. I did howhever stick to jelquing on a 4 days/week basis for now almost 2 years, and I can only conclude that my size hasn’t increased a thing. Well, perhaps a few millimeters more in girth, but this feels like a temporary swelling. I’m a heavy smoker since the late 80’s, and I take anti-depressants since 2003. I wonder if there are others here who feel that whatever they do, they don’t gain a thing and are smokers.

For the stats, my current size is 14cm BPEL & 11.5cm EG ( 5.6 BPEL & 4.6 EG)
this is exactly the same size as when I started jelqing.

For those not knowing what peyronies can do to your dick, before the incident my size was 17cm BPEL & 13.5cm EG (6.8 BPEL & 5.4 EG )

Please respond if your in the same boat as me, any response is welcome.
I’m thinking of giving up :(

-= Official Peyronies sufferer =- Starting size (12/2004): 5.6" BPEL - 4.6" EG.

Current size (02/2007) 5.6" BPEL - 4.6" EG.

Current GOAL : 6.0" BPEL - 5.0" EG. (50€ Donation for every goal I reach)

In am not in your boat but decided to comment anyway. I agree on the smoking. I expect that we have guys that smoke a pack+ a day and have gotten gains; however, I believe that smoking can mess things up down there in a big way.

Get ready for lots of guys telling you to quite smoking even if it has no impact on your PEing.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Hey KongDing!

I also have Peyronies and can empathize on your loss in size. Although I don’t smoke cigs. I do indulge in herb now and then. I have not gained much at all, however I’m PEing just to keep what I’ve got, plus I have better wood, and when I’m consistant, a plumper dick with an extra inch flaccid, which for me is great!. The older we get the smaller it gets unfortunately. I think that’s where the expression came “use it or loose it”! Lol! Don’t know about the relationship of nicotine and PEing, but if I remember correctly it constricts the blood vessels being counterproductive to our efforts.

I wouldn’t throw in the towel yet. If you’ve been at it three years well then maybe, but if it’s a little over a year ,and only four days a week hang in there, and good luck!

I smoked for 6 years but stopped in the hopes that it gave me better circulation, better health and eventually a bigger dick.

Well, that was two years ago; I haven’t gained.

Oh well…

The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.

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Pertty soon they will blame a broken leg on smoking! Do the reserch and don’t believe everything you hear about smoking, it’s about money.


I smoke one pack a day ( for 10 years). I also smoke pot regularly ( almost every day ).
And I’m an easy gainer. Maybe I could have gained more if I didn’t smoke ( it can’t be healthy to smoke ). I don’t know.
I plan to quit smoking this year. But I don’t know if it will help gains.

Good luck.

05/2006 : 15cm BPEL X 12,5cm EG => 11/2006 : 17.5 cm BPEL X 13.5 cm EG => 5/2007 : 18 cm BPEL X 13.5 cm. 2 years later : shrank a bit : 17cm BPEL 01/2011

Really satisfied with my gains, but a little more flaccid would be nice. Would like to be a shower ;)

And most important : Girlfriend satisfied for about 3 years :)

I truly believe that smoking is not an issue in gaining or not, having smoked throughout my years of active PE work.

But I also truly believe that smoking is an insidious, unhealthy, dirty addiction and whatever your reasons for quitting, you should.

I also know that I _really_ enjoy smoking cigarettes and that is the hell of it.



I don’t smoke but I’m a heavy user of Skoal and Copenhagen. I haven’t had much results from PE for the effort expended(better wood,no loss).I plan to go at it hard again after this deconditioning break which will coincide with with my second or third week of stopping tobacco.I’m hoping for a rebound effect to help stimulate growth and for the extra nutritional support I’ll be using for PE to help quit.Lot’s of hope tied into this I Know. Will post my results if any in a couple of months.

I’m in your group, I’ve been doing PE for about three years, maybe just a little longer. No gains in the length department, but I have gained in girth, I never did measure before I started doing PE so I can’t say for sure just how much in girth I have gained. I’m a heavy smoker and have been for 40 years.

I don’t know if smoking has had anything to do with not having any gains in length. I’ve tried everything, hanging, manual exercises both for girth and length. I have done a million jelqs or so it seems, I think this the reason I have gained in my girth, I have just a little over 6” in EG, but only 6 1/8” in length, matter of fact it’s longer flaccid than it is erect. What’s a guy to do? I’ve also used the Penimaster, I’ve gone through two of them, both are broken and of no use to anyone. Do any of you think I should just give up on PEing? I know my penis is in a lot better health that before I started PEing. I was having ED really bad, it’s not much better now, but there have been some improvements, I can’t keep it up for very long and is a problem, use to, I could do it all night, now it takes me all night to do it. -:) ! Not too far from being true. Anyone have any advise? Hope so, thanks,

You all should really get your penises to stop smoking, its not good for PE. I’m sure the ladies would prefer giving head to a non smoking penis as well. Pot is a different story and I’m thinking it might help with premature ejaculation, although it could cause Mr wiggly to eat a bag of chips and go to sleep before getting the job done. Anyway, you don’t want him hanging around with an Oxygen tank on his balls one day, so make him quit!


Start Date Nov 05 2006: BPEL (5.50) NBPEL (5.0) E .Girth(4.75) F. Length(4.00) F. Girth(4.25)

Last Meas June 14 2007: BPEL (7) NBPEL (6) E .Girth(5.50) F. Length(4.125) F. Girth(4.50)

I think it is obvious by now that smoking in no way impairs the potential gains from PE, the nutritional value of your current diet is a much bigger factor, I urge all smokers on this page to eat more healthily or at least increase the amount of protein in their diets and then post the results.

If anyone disagrees with my OPINION then please provide some kind of medically based theory on why smoking can affect the stretching of a ligament.

I smoke and I’ve gained in a relatively short time.

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