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slow gains?

slow gains?

I’ve been doing PE excercises every other day for almost 2 months now. I started out doing 10 stretches at 15 seconds each and 200 wet jelqs and worked up to 15 stretches at 30 seconds each and 400 wet jelqs. That’s what I’m doing now except I’ve started jelqing for just a set 20 minutes instead of countring out 400 jelqs. I guess I made the mistake of not taking official measurements before I started PE excercises because in all honesty I didn’t think that I would still be doing them two months later. I have noticed a definite increase in flaccid length(though I’m not sure how much since I didn’t measure). I’m not sure about erect length though. I remember measuring a long time ago before I ever started PE and it was a little over 6.5. I recently measured to be a little under 6.75. As for girth, I’ve never actually measured but I guess it does feel larger. Ok so my question is should I have seen more gains by now? Most things I’ve read say to expect about an inch gain in erect length by the end of the second month although I realize everybody is different. I’m just wondering if there is more I should be doing since I’ve only seen a erect gain of less than a quarter inch and I’m a few days from the end of month two. Thanks

Your workout seems pretty light, increase the intensity more and see what happens. I’ve been pe’ing for a month and I’m doing about 700 jelqs a day now

Re: slow gains?

Originally posted by wallawalla1900
Most things I've read say to expect about an inch gain in erect length by the end of the second month although I realize everybody is different

You’ve been reading the wrong stuff. Sure, perhaps a very few guys have acheived this, but they are few and far between. An inch a year is more common, and an inch every two years is not to be scoffed at. Although most guys see some gains at the beginning, it often takes many months if not a year or two to see a decent gain (ie 0.5” to 1”).


I used to feel like I was a really slow gainer because of some of the post around here and the reports of their gains. And good for them. But I’ve come to the determination that my 1” in lenght and .5” in girth over two year period is not that uncommon.



It depends on the person. I’ve put on 1.5” BPEL and .75” EG in 8 months, but this may not be the norm. Everyone is different and I think your success will depend on how you process the feedback you get from your johnson. For example, if you do the same stuff for a month and get nothing more than a sore arm, it’s time to change your regimen.

You must always keep in mind that everyone is different and what works for one guy may not work for the next. Some of DLD’s exercises that work great for him and others, for example, have absolutely no effect whatsoever on me. Is it the exercises or is it me? Of course it’s me, but I have to at least try things to see what works. Things that work for my won’t work for other folks and vice versa. Just like any other pursuit.

By the way, 1/4” in 2 months is 1.5” a year. A mangificent prospect in anyone’s book.


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