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Shock routines

Shock routines


Anybody beating plateaus with Shock routines, you know with really long workouts. We been touching on the less is more theory so I figured I would play the devils advocate and bring up the shock routine. I have used this a couple of times to beat a plateau. Mine used to consist of two hour plus jelq and squeeze routines with some stretching. Anybody else using the shock routine? I have found doing some shock routines right before a pe break seems to work for me. Since I hit my goal I don’t seem to have the desire to do shock routines but I would recommend them to other vets, I wouldn’t recommend them to newbies.


Yea I do shock routines from time to time.

A shock routine isn’t necessarily long ass workouts. A shock routine is basically a routine that keeps your muscle/penis guessing so it doesn’t adapt to the exercises, whether it be from adding extra time, doing different exercises or doing them in a different order.

So once in awhile, instead of doing a routine of manual stretches and jelqing, I’ll do a V-stretch/Horse Squeeze routine to throw my penis off a bit.

One time, I ended up doing one hour of jelqing. non-stop. I was just planning on doing 25 mins, but the clock I was using got stuck. The whole time I was thinking “Damn, this is the longest 25mins of my life.” When I got out the bathroom I noticed I had finished 35mins later than I expected. I was so into the routine, that I was too dumb to realize the clock wasn’t moving. LOL.

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Hey can you link me to a thread with a detailed shock routine? I need to get one going for me.

Okay I think I may do a really really long one on this Friday and then take 2 days rest. See how it goes.

The best sessions are the ones where my dick feels like it got run over. I don’t do this very often. Intensity is your friend, could be your enemy too.

Originally Posted by Radiohead_PEgym
Hey can you link me to a thread with a detailed shock routine? I need to get one going for me.

A shock routine for me was just a real long regular routine, at that time it was jelqing and squeezes for two plus hours which ain’t easy to do. Thanks for dragging this thread up I may revisit shock thereby:)

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I do not incorporate a significantly longer workout, but I do have a similar way of “shocking” my routine.

About once a month I add a set of o-bends and a set of uli-3’s to my routine for 3-4 days. I have been focusing on length but find that the penis begins to toughen up relatively quickly when confronted with the same exercises day after day. Stressing the penis in a different way and then taking a 2-3 day break from PE seems to be working really well so far.

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I’m doing a shock routine week comprised of lots of clamping!! My dick is so discoloured.

Originally Posted by Audacia
I’m doing a shock routine week comprised of lots of clamping!! My dick is so discoloured.

And that is the big problem with shock routines that do more damage than good. When your cock structure is damaged that bad, your body tries to work hard just to bring it back to a normal healthy condition, so any thoughts of getting growth out of all that damage just doesn’t make sense.

When you are healthy, you grow. When you are damaged, you actually shrink.

For a shock routine to work, it has to be an extended workout that does not go overboard and cause trauma.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I believe that sometimes you do need to shock it. IE: in one or two workouts you actually do extend it 1 or 2mm through a marathon session, something is deformed, erections may lack for a while - but you have created growth as it will heal into the growth.

PE is very dangerous and many of us don’t accept this fact.

Well I have positive PIs just It looks really bruised, I’m sure after the weekend break it will look fine.

Have you ever tried doing a shock routine every single time you do PE though? ;)

With all my silly theories combined, and if you had enough time.. Surely this would be PE gold?

I literally find it impossible to over-train if I use enough heat and get enough sleep. I will always find that more is better, the penis seems to heal and grow pretty fluently.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

I tried hanging, up to 20 lbs, as my shock routine after ADS/jelqs got stale. It seemed to work for a while but I really got some erection problems after this. I do NOT recommend it. BD

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