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she showed me how big


she showed me how big

Ok guys, for the past three months I’ve been tormented with the thought of my girl friend with her old boyfriend specifically because she showed me by making an OK sign how big her x was.

However I’m confused and think she may have exagerated or, maybe she didn’t have enough to to make the proper size with her fingers because she quikly realized it was a bad idea to talk about the subject and began damage control before hand.

You see, she’s quite tight even for my slightly under average member. So I have a hard time believing that her x was as big as she showed with her OK sign. Her finger and thumb were not touching, they were about a half inch apart and I’ve done the measuring, she was showing a 6” girth penis.

What do you guys think, was she overexagerating a little, a lot? This is driving me crazy, I just need a little input. thanks -jim

Oh and one more question I forgot. Would it be a bad idea to get her to show me one more time. I think it would be a gamble, if she showed me and it was smaller than I had thought, that’d make me feel better, and obviously the opposite could happen.. that could be really bad.

I know it’d be better to just get over it but, I really can’t.. there’s gotta be a way to deal with this. Obviously PE is the most effective answer but man if he was as big as I’m thinking, that’ll take years to catch up. Also, PE seems to make me think about this stuff even more and drive me crazy even more but, it’s working so I aint stopping,…… I’m fucked!

You would have to know her really well to know if it was the truth and even then you would always wonder if it was. Woman are very aware of our fragile egos when it comes to penile length/girth. PE for yourself and strive for realistic goals that will empower your own feelings of accomplishment. It’s hard not to rate yourself against others but, ultimatley it is only going to dis-hearten you. Your gains are yours and yours alone. So is your own vision of yourself. Don’t be too critical of yourself and if she’s a keeper she won’t either.

I feel like a little bity worm on a great big hook.

This is what I would do….I would work my way up to a 6” girth, and while I am banging her, I would ask if this is what it felt like.
Yes, she was probably exaggerating. Women (actually most people) are VERY poor at estimating size without a reference point. Once you get past about 4 or 5 inches, very few people can give you an even half decent estimation of size. That goes for anything, not just dicks!

I think it would be a bad idea to ask her one more time because if she shows you a bigger girth you will be devastated. If she shows you a smaller girth you will think she is lying to protect your ego. It really is a lose/lose situation. You lose either way.

I think that the best way to deal with any situation like this is to fight fire with fire. Get hung and get busy!

so…her ex was bigger than you ? Face it, you cant do ANYTHING about it - and the BEST thing you can do is PE what you’re doing right now.

So what ? What you’re gonna do ? Leave her ? (Because her ex was bigger ?) Or commit suicide ? Or post 1000 posts how devastated you are ?

As said..the best thing you ALREADY get over it and dont be a p*ssy….you would be a pussy if you asked her AGAIN….what does it change ?

And yes..woman very likely totally exaggerate…

I don’t think there is a damn thing you can do.

I think your just gonna have to take the hell of knowing.

Prolly shouldn’t have asked, but you did, now your screwed

cause you can’t measure up to her ex, in your mind.

Originally Posted by Jimmy_rm
she quikly realized it was a bad idea to talk about the subject and began damage control before hand

Then why would she overexagerate?

I think that a girth estimation can be accurate using thumb/index finger cause

she prolly touched it that way more then once.

Not like you need a ruler for that.

If it was a length issue, then maybe,but….

Next time, don’t ask unless you got a 6+ girth monster.

The best and only therapy will be time. If you bring this up again with her, it will only be bad for both for you — no answer will satisfy — and for the relationship — it will make you look insecure and obsessive. You *will* feel less intensely about this issue as the relationship develops further, especially as your dick expands. Let yourself feel what you’re inevitably going to feel, and you’ll get over it.

By the way, 6” girths are pretty rare without PE, as seen in the latest histograms in this thread: Patience…
There’s a good chance she’s exaggerating, whether or not it’s intentional. But the dude was probably thicker than you. Not for long, though. :)

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I’ve been with several girls who wrap my penis with their hand to compare it to their ex. I’ve only had one girl actually take out a ruler and meausre me. She wanted to tell her female friends.

It is likely that she didn’t really measure and was only guestimating from recollection - which we all know memory can be treacherous. Don’t become fucked in the head over her ex’s size. Some women will use this as a means to keep you in an inferior place in the relationship. Some do it deliberately some do it uncosciously.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Don’t worry about it. You’re getting the job done, right? Maybe she exaggerated and maybe she didn’t, but another guy’s dick really has nothing to do with the sexual relationship the two of you have together. Oh, and never ask a woman about other men’s dicks, even if you think you really want to know. Unless you’re King Dong, you’re eventually going to find a woman that will give you an answer you don’t want to hear, and you’ll regret asking; not only that, but you’ll find yourself wanting to ask the same woman about the same dick, which will make you look obsessive, give the girl ammo to use against you when/if the relationship goes to hell, and it’ll only feed your own insecurities.

Let other guy’s dick stay where it belongs: out of your chick’s head, and out of your head.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

You gonna remember that size is important but is not everything!
Maybe her ex has thicker dick than you, so what? She is with you now which indicates that you are better than him for her by putting everything together. Don’t ever ask her again about his size! That will only damage your relationship as well as your self-confidence. You know the solution: PEing, PEing and PEing!

Good luck, mate!

Could be worse dude, I was born with girth to spare and havent used it more than 10 times in my life. Im 35, and not un-atractive, just havent been with that many women.
So, Lop’s moral to this story is….

Dont blow a good thing because you dont think you measure up, life is a journey not a competition no matter what anyone tells you. Be OK with who you are NOW or nobody else will. If you want to be better than you are now it requires work, most all of it hard. Dont expect easy gains in any avenue in life and you wont be disapointed.
So next time your with your girlfriend, remember you could be alone. And what dose size really mean to your right hand anyhow?


Grow long and prosper Start 3/04 Bpel 5.75 Eg 6.25- 6.75 Goal Bpel 7.5 Eg 7.5 :)

Sweet Jesus, that post I made earlier makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever! I apologise. I had only just woken up, switched on my PC and come online. Here is the version that might make sense….

Originally Posted by melvin_uk
I think one thing I have learnt (from Dino, Wadzilla, etc) is not to let your girl know you are bothered/insecure about your penis size. If she talks to you about her ex’s unit, the best response is “well X I really don’t give a fuck” (© Dino) and turn over the channel.

Its difficult, if you know she has been with bigger it haunts you, but so what? She’s with you now. If she starts talking about her ex lover’s unit then that doesn’t really sound like loving behaviour to me.

I think abitlonger and Andrew69 are spot on. Just leave the subject alone, and make yours bigger.

From now on I will allow at least a 45 minute waking up period before dispensing advice. My apologies.


I used to worry about this kind of thing. I depressed myself and I suffered because of it.

My ex had someone thicker than me, but nobody longer. I was mortified when I found out, but now I just think, “well, she’s with me, not him. She dumped him for whatever reason, and sex was uncomfortable. To say that I wanted to beat that guy would be to say that I wanted to cause her pain, which I didn’t”.

Don’t let it bother you, read the posts above mine, especially melvin’s fixed one, and take it to heart.

In my opinion, she was probably over-estimating. Judging girth is damn hard with thumb and forefinger. Of course I can do it perfectly, from 4.5”-6”, but girls don’t get the practise we get. Sure they may hold a good many dicks, but they don’t know their real dimensions.

Now I want to hear from you in a few weeks, and see you update this to say that you’re over this! Don’t let yourself get depressed, believe me it is no fun. Just keep talking it through with us and it will go away.


Mothers should teach their daughters: Never ever tell your man that a previous lover was larger - in any respect - ever.

Fathers should teach their sons the perils of going down this road.

You fucked up, but that’s okay. We all do at some point. You are not a pussy for letting this grab hold of you. In fact, it is almost a right of passage with men.

If you are a pussy, then so am I. And so are 90% of the guys here.

One way to get beyond this is this two pronged approach:

A. Do PE.
This works wonderfully in helping you gain control of your insecurity. It focuses your energy in a positive way. Men have to do things. And this is what you will do.

B. Change your head.
Think about this issue in an entirely different light.

At one time your girl had a pair of shoes, and even though they looked perfectly fine they didn’t quite fit her feet because they were a little too large. Not a lot but just enough that they weren’t perfect.
Perfect like the shoes she now wears. The shoes she chose. The shoes she happily keeps and wears every day.

One other: Drop this line of questioning right now. The ball is in your court. If you get hurt it is your own fault.
Drop it.



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