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she showed me how big


Why ask her in the first place? She’s with you now, not him. At the moment you’re important to her and she’s satisfied - otherwise, she would have left.

Ok so I’ve read through all the replys and yes, there is some really good advice here.

I could go the route of deciding I think that he was smaller than I had thought and that’d give me some comfort…. but..

The advice that I best take is the stuff that hits me hard.. yes he was bigger than me, and maybe I’ll never be able to reach that size. What I need to remind my self of is, she is with ME.

When I’m with her I can handle it better, I think because I am reminded of what I have. She’s faithfull, sensitive (considerate), daring but intelligent.

Even though a lot of this ideology was known to me before hand, it really helps to hear it from you all.

I’ve justed applyed for a job in downtown vancouver that I will most likely get, so I’ll be moving in with her in May. I’m not going to run away from the issue, nor am I going to face it, I’m just going to renforce what really matters by taking the plunge.

For fuck sake, I just read the first definition of the word plunge from and it’s “to cause to penetrate or enter quickly and forcibly into something”

being me, all I can think of is “her with him” .. I have my work cut out for me, I may need some tools to deal with this and I hope you all will be around when I’m looking. thanks -jim

ps: I’ll read through all these posts again tommorow. I really appriciate you guys for you help. goodnight.

Nice one Jimmy, seems like you have got your head on straight. Good luck with the possible new job and the girl.

Melv :)


Actually I read through it all again tonight..

Westlas advice is dynamite, I think gay guys are smarter than straight, no? hehe… (I’m not trying to be offensive, but I think the world is becoming liberal and I’m sorry to you who can’t handle it)

Actually this whole issue of mine is directly related to libralism, back in the day, girls and guys didn’t sleep with numerous people before meeting their life partner. But I’m not going to attack the life style, life is a journey.

quoting Captain:
One other: Drop this line of questioning right now. The ball is in your court. If you get hurt it is your own fault.
Drop it.

Bang on, this is yet more ideology that I had been aware of before hand but, putting it into practice is another thing. Knowledge is “only” half the battle. In the end, this is my… wait not only but, “best” way out.

ok one more “cute” post after this.

anyway I was going to show you guys some of our cute email messages back and forth but I can’t figure out how to post images (you probably didn’t want to see her wisdom tooth anway haha).. she just got her wisdom tooth pulled out and sent me a picture of it saying “Hi,nice to meet you.I’m Akiko’s wisdom tooth.Can you see me?”

She’s a great girl, I can hardly wait to see her again.. just one month before I pick her up at the Vancouver airport, 4 days before my 22nd birthday.

ok sleepysleepy time, thanks for being available guys.


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