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Recommend a lube please!


Here's what I use.

Hi, first post from a newb jelqer but experienced masturbater (who isn’t) ;)

I use Corn Huskers Lotion! Yeah I’m from Nebraska and the rest of you folks probably can’t get it. It is oil free but it lasts around 10mins before you need to add more. I’ve been using this as a jackoff lube for years and so far no peeling cock! I’ve been using it for this long because its so slick and isn’t sticky or too thick. On the yellow label is says:

“Heavy Duty Hand Treatment” “moisturizes and softens dry skin. Also, soothes the discomfort of irritated, chapped, or cracked skin.”

So if you ever see this lotion, consider it. It cleans up very easy and doesn’t smell as strong as baby oil and the others.

I started jelqing about 3 weeks ago and I think I see 1/4 inch in length now after a session. My cock also feels thicker. Lately I’ve been having troubles keeping my dick from getting erections during the day, its like it is begging for more! Yesterday was my off day so I guess I better get to work tonight. ;)


My lotion only lasts 3mins! Now I think I will try Vaseline Intensive Care, lol.


I believe and swear in Vaseline. It’s the only lubricant that stays on for the entire time, without giving you any irritation, whatsoever.

Soaps? Tried ‘em. They can stretch your pores, yes pores…., when exercises are performed in the shower. Baby oil? Works okay, but the time is limited. Cremes and others? It’s up to someones personal preference.

Choose what lube feels best for you, try to experiment a little and sample as many as possible. There are tons on ‘em on the market. Knock yourself out.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

I use

Trader Joe’s Vitamin E oil,

soybean based…

Re: Lubes

Originally posted by Uncut4Big
I believe and swear in Vaseline. It's the only lubricant that stays on for the entire time, without giving you any irritation, whatsoever.


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