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Recommend a lube please!


Recommend a lube please!

I do some jelqing in the shower and love the soap, I find it easy to stroke. I have tried baby oil and hand cream and they don’t even come close in sessions outside the shower.

Is there something that has the continuity of what I have been doing in the shower, or will I just have to stick to keeping my jelq seesions to showering time? thanks!


Jelktoid suggested using a hair conditioner-I tried it any it works pretty good! Keeps it lubed and rinses clean.

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

When I was jelqing my favorite lube was Baby Oil GEL. No drips, and a little lasted my whole 30-45 minutes of jelqing.

KY liquid (liquid pussy)

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KY is my preferred lube also. Baby oil gel is OK but hard to get off. Astroglide breaks down to quick. Might try the hair conditioner!

I’ve tried liquid KY in the past….but, it dried up to quick for me. Had to keep saliva in my mouth

I usually just use a good plant-based oil that’s good for my skin, so it has the added benefit of helping to heal whatever slight surface abrasions I get from pounding my pud so much. I find oil lasts longer than lotion, and I can be more certain that the ingredients won’t cause some sort of complication.

Right now I’m using jojoba oil, which is sort of thin, and grapeseed oil, which is a little thicker. Both are scent-less. Olive oil has been used for this purpose for a few thousand years and is probably as good as any you can buy. You’ll just smell like a salad.

Products labeled Vitamin E oil are good too, but the viscosity varies — some are very thick and sticky. If you’re in the states and have a Trader Joes nearby, the vitamin E oil they sell there for about $3 is great. When it’s sold as oil vitamin E is always mixed with a plant-based oil, like soybean or safflower.

I just have to try to stay away from my computer keyboard when I use oil, because it can be messy unless you’re real careful. So, when I am doing long late night sessions of jelqing and stretching as I download porn off of newsgroups, I use a water-based lubricant called Liquid Silk that I got at a sex shop. It doesn’t get tacky the way KY does for me, and if I get any on my laptop, or the VCR remote, it soon evaporates.

Vaseline is my favorite because it keeps it lubed and dosent feel like your having sex, and at the same time its enough to keep it at 80 or so percent. I have tried the water based lubes but i find that you cannot get a good grip with them. They are fine if you want to do 1-2 second strokes but i like to do 3-4 second strokes. There is no real “right” lube to use, its just a matter of preference.

I’ve found baby oil gel is the best, provided bed is where I’m going afterwards.

The smell follows you for a while.

I liked soap and water in the shower as a lube too, until I realized I could take advantage of this lube requirement for my excessively dry hands.

Also I’ve read posts that soap/shampoo as lube can cause irritation if the liquids get inside of the urethra.

So I decided to switch to Vaseline, but it was just too greasy and made my penis sparkle…not to mention the fact that it took over 6 minutes to get the crap off my hands afterwards.

Then I tried some baby oil, but had the same problem with washing it off.

Finally someone suggested trying these Vaseline Intensive Care bottles. Don’t get this confused with regular Vaseline though, these are not greasy petrolium jellies you think I’m referring to, but lotions under the same brand name.

Right now I’m using Vaseline Intensive Care: Dry Skin Lotion..which has been helping me get rid of the dried up skin around my finger nails while also being an awesome lube when I simultaneously jelq. I have to reapply a tad bit more every 10 minutes (just like in the shower when I had to put some more soap on my hands after a while), but that’s fine for now since I don’t jelq for more than 20 minutes yet anyway.

I’m probably going to switch to Vaseline Intesive Care: Aloe and Naturals Lotion when I finish with this bottle because my hands no longer suffer from dryness, and I’m starting to wonder if this lotion is making my dick a little too smooth..which is not a good thing for a person with ejaculatory control issues, heh.

Anyway I think you should give these a shot…they should have em at your local Eckerds and Walgreens.


I like Albolene….it’s generally found in cosmetics section of drug stores….I buy mine at Walgreens.

Women use Albolene to remove make up….at room temperature it’s a gel and when applied to body, body heat causes some liquification.

OR eon

I think that conditioner for shower or tub jelqing is the best. Nice and slick, lasts long, washes off clean.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I’ve found that Cocoa Butter body cream works best for me!
You need to get a good one, I use the one in a peachy coloured pot from Superdrug,we have this store in the uk, but any chemist should carry this item.
I tried using ky jelly, but found it too expensive and it didn’t keep its slip for long.
I have now taken to dry jelq. I have found that having a foreskin stops any friction occuring as the skin moves with the stroke.


I like using my girlfriends spit…opps… thinking outloud again.

Vasoline is my lube of choice…

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I used to use a variety of hand creams, but some have alcohol in them and can actually dry you out. Nothing worse than having your unit peeling.

I find that Natural life vitamin ultra-E oil works great. It’s sold in 2oz bottles in the vitamin section of the local super market. (mine is Stop & Shop). It’s a little pricy, $9.99 for the bottle but it lasts a long time. Also small bottle is easy to conceal for covert jelqers. You only need a little poured along the top of your penis and work it in.

I always jelq before a shower, then finish in the shower with water for a real hard extra 5 minutes. The oil doesn’t wash away right away unless you use soap or shampoo. I’ve never had anything but great luck with it and it keeps your dick skin really elastic all day long!

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