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Read if you want gains! Sharing what I know.

Welcome to the forum jayroony.

Could you be more specific about what your routine has been like for the past two years? For example, how much weight do you hang with? How do you hang? How long are your session?

We are skeptical of big gainers because one member here who runs a pay site posted doctored pictures of himself. So, you shouldn’t expect everyone to “believe” or “trust” you based on your word alone.

Anyway, I look forward to reading more from you.


Would you use the same principles as a pumper as you would as someone whos into hanging? If its different, please explain. thanx.

Trying to live up to my username! 6/9/04 BPEL: 6.25 EG: 4.75 2/28/05 BPEL: 6.5 EG: 4.75 4/17/05 BPEL: 6.625 EG: 4.875

I apologize for having the ability to realize when people are full of shit. You have to realize there are a great many people out there, that for whatever reason, feel the need to impress others and gain instant gratification. Most people here work hard for their gains and when something seems deceptive, it makes us mad…without honesty we would never know what works. If Jayrooney is telling the truth, I’m sorry. With a first post of “read if you want gains,” the burden of proof is on him…pictures seem like the logical answer (before and after). If his post said, “some ideas that worked for me,” there would have been none of this hostility. There are some basic rules of social etiquette that new members should be sensitive to, if they are broken people can become angry.

One foot to go

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with your ability you should be able to make millions, dude. I wish I had it.

And in regards to “basic rules of social etiquette”, man, some guys here need to go back to the drawing board or read some books on that subject.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Its just General Knowledge -aside from an actual routine- that any serious student of PE should already know to enhance his results… so why all the commotion?… That said— I think he means well and we should extend a warm welcome to him as any other newbie and not doubt his sincerity in delivering this information until proven otherwise.

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since



Per day I stretch for no more than 1-2 hours in total, and I jelg for no more that 45 mins.
5 days on then Saturday and Sundays off.


Piet I you have a point but you also have to remember that although every penis is the different our bodies are all made up the same way. The key thing I think hear is health and recovery time. If those two are roughly the same for all, there should be less deviation in results. If that was not the case most of the controlled experiment doctors do would be wrong, if our bodies didn’t respond in basically the same way. When doctor’s say it takes a day for a cell to heal they are not being specific to you are me they are making a general statement that will hold under certain conditions. So all we have to do is try to manipulate those conditions to our advantage. As to your other question, I got my knowledge from reading a lot and my cousin who is studying to be a doctor.


Heat is very essential to recovery, I personally try to have a warm bath atleast twice everyday. Having one before bed also speed up your metabolism, allowing better hormonal production while your sleep and hormones are essential for rebuilding cells.


Priapos the gains DLD makes are indeed possible, but you also have to realize that him exercising everyday or nearly everyday is not the only factor that influence his results. What is his diet like? How old is he (in regards to testosterone production by the body)? Does he work out often? And that’s just a few of the questions one need to ask, the exercises are not all.

Originally posted by Uncut4Big

with your ability you should be able to make millions, dude. I wish I had it.

? Uncut what are you talking about

My goal: from 11.9 cm NBPEL to 18 cm NBPEL (~7 ") or never...!!!! after 5 weeks(and a long break): 12.5 cm NBPEL


Let me tell you man, that myth about black guys having bigger D’s is bullshit. I am black, the majority of my friends are black and the girls we talk to are black. And I keep alot of girls as close friends and you know girls talk. Yes you will have the extremely large guy, or the extremely small guy but race makes hardly any difference from what I’ve seen. It all just depends on the individual. Black guys just support it because it’s in there favour but just listen to the girls talk and you’ll know who’s packing and who’s not. Man yes I’m black but I’m not gonna bullshit ya, that myth is not true.


I feel ya man, Im half black and I’m here PEing too. Yah i Have a lot of girl friends and listen to their gossip and I definetly agree that the myth is all bullshit!

Anyways, I was wondering what kind of stretches do you do? Hang, ADS? Thanks man, by the way whats your goal?

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D

Thanks for the info,it is always good to hear what has been working for others .I have noticed some on this thread have attacked your credibility.Take it from me (someone who has been at PE for over five years)Your post was good and insightful.Your method is safe and sound and worth a good read from other members who have not found success in their current routines.Welcome aboard and thanks for sharing.

Another member (DLD)mentioned in this thread use to advise some darn right dangerous techniques.He supposedly made huge gains in a short time frame. Many people took his word as gold. I know of a few members who sustained injuries taking his advice.Where where the bullshit detectors then?I suspect now he was full of shit seeing as he went on to start a pay site etc. Jayroony on the other hand maybe legit.I for one think his claims are reasonable giving the routine he is using and the time he has put in.Nothing dangerous about his routine either.True much of it has been said before but if he is having success with it and believes there are some universal truths to what he is using then why not share it?Maybe you should give him the benefit of doubt on this one.If not ,well just remember, if others adopt the same attitude then newer members who may have some sound advice and have been at PE for a long time will be hesitant to post .I know I would if I felt I would be attacked for sharing what I know.But I guess if you really feel it is BS then you got to do what your gut is telling you ,just keep in mind the possible consequences.

hello jayroony, good advices. i’m waiting your progress photos…

CURRENT 7.1" x 5" (8" stretched) ----> GOAL 8" x 6" NBP

Semen retentum venenum est

You said don’t hang for more than 4 to 6 weeks in a row 5 days on 2 off. Then take a two weeks break from hanging. So while your on your hanging break you still jelq. However, when you are going to restart your hanging take a jelq break for about a week or two.

So 2 weeks into your hanging you start up your jelqing? So then you will be hanging and Jelqing for another 2 to 4 weeks? Until you stop hanging for another 2 weeks. Which you would then only jelq for 2 weeks. Tell me if I’m close.

On another post of yours you said Per day I stretch for no more than 1-2 hours in total, and I jelg for no more that 45 mins. Is that every day?
5 days on then Saturday and Sundays off.

I only ask because on another post you said
I PE for about one year with atleats three rest days. I did hang for about 25mins per day then jelq for about an half an hour. I hang then jelq.

I would like to know do you hang for 25 mins or do you hang for 1-2 hour per day? That seems to be a big difference in time. I understand that you jelq between 30 to 60 mins per day. I just would like to know how often you are hanging.

At what weight did you start hanging with? and what are you hanging with now?
Do you hang standing up or sitting down?

Would you give us your routine in detail please as far a weights and amount of time you hang? Standing or Sitting?
If you wet or dry jelq?
Plus times you decide to PE morning or at night?

I think that your gains are great. By the way have you met your PE goals yet?

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Originally Posted by Stillwantmore

Blah, blah, blah, blah. Whew! Groundbreaking gents…truly groundbreaking!!

My o my….somebody didn’t sound too happy.

I was wondering why some of the innovaters like DLD and stillwantmore were banned?

Jay, I my honest opinion you posted great solid advice!


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