Quick Flaccid Measurement

Lots of people talk about variations in flaccid length and the need to measure a lot and take averages. Well here’s what I do to get lots of info.

Figure out exactly how long certain points are on your finger are (if you’re not longer flaccid than your finger all the time)

The start of my knuckle (looking sideways at the finger), is 3.5, halfway along it is 3.75 and the end is exactly 4 inches (lucky exact fractions, but just memorize yours). So I get a quick measurement everytime I go to bathroom within .25 when 4 or less (usually at home, not public) and any other time it’s out by putting my finger along it. If it’s longer than my finger and knuckle I’m happy. You can also get a rough estimate beyond the finger length by knowing how wide another finger is and butting it up against the knuckle. I get about .5 inches sideways on my pinky so I can see if it’s up to 4.5. You could also calibrate your middle finger for more length than the index finger.

With this much easy frequent measuring you can get averages for each sort of situation: workout, cold, whatever.