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Question on paysite review sites

I’ve never seen it before, but I thought it was an interesting read. I was disappointed that they didn’t post the results in tabular form, instead of just telling the largest gain and smallest gain. I’m assuming that they gave each person a different program to try, they really needed 10 times that many people to try those 50 programs. Also, 6 months isn’t long enough to truly judge the overall effectiveness of a someone’s program, IMHO. Something like 9-12 would be long enough.

But then again, who am I? It’s not like I’ve been living PE for the last 2 years or anything ;-)


I couldn’t get the “Top 20 Sites” to load. Did it load for you?

Edit: I have it now, Netscape didn’t like the code or something, and kept puking it out. Got it to open with IE.

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Seems the site “thesexualman” and #3 and #4 on the list have the same registrant. Said registrant also owns a site called I wonder if #1 and #2 bought their “program” from the same company?

I don’t think I’d call this research legit.

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I agree...

…with Size. If one bloke is using one site and happens to be a slow gainer, maybe not too consistent, that site was not going to have a good rating. The sample would have to be much greater, and perhaps the time would have to be extended.

And as for what Thunder added, it wouldn’t be at all surprising.


I lean toward the advertising view.

Seems many of these reports and descriptions are written directly off of the advertisments. I really think that if folks actually joined and evaluated these sites, they would have at least a few…well, not so positive things to say. Also seems to be a price cut-off at about the level of the folks (PE site owners?) writing the report. I know that’s a negative view, but if one has ever compared some of the advertising to the reality of what some sites are, one word says it all….bullshit! PE Paysites are some of the best advertisers I’ve seen, often clever disquising their ads. is a good info site, but apparently swayed pretty heavily by the two sites advertising on the PE secion. My guess is there wa a change in “incentive” to bump those ads up in a larger more prominent area of the page/section. It’s quite obvious none of these folks were actually in the BP program/site who claim to have conducted the experiment. There actually was a book out for sale on the internet that claimed to review a bunch of PE sites for quality. Can’t remember the price, but can remember thinking “Damn, everything these paysite folks do turns directly into cold, hard cash.” Buy our advertisment and THEN join, now that’s truly brilliant! Sometimes, I actually think that some paysites advertise against themselves, no liabilty or suit and a win/win situation. Money lands in the same pockets, just a different route. groa

Also noteworthy is that Big Al’s For Men Only site only got 2 out of 5 checkmarks for it’s rating. I purchased his program this past spring and I would have to disagree with that score.

Putting that aside, it seems to me that this has got to be just another advertising ploy. I’m with groa on this one. I think that there must be some kind of loose alliance among some of the natural PE sites, maybe it’s to overcome the sellers of pumps, stretchers, and devices that have saturated the market for years.

Just a theory.




I think the entire research site is nothing more than a huge advertisement for several PE sites. Since there are 100’reds of other sites out there, they need to make their’s more serious sounding. More sophisticated….more medical……

Anyway, this “research” is not something I would go by. Didn’t look professional enough to me. Look at those university-style medical reports. Totally different.

My 2 cents, folks.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

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