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Question, I need to be answered!(crucial)

Question I need to be answered!(crucial)

Hey guys,

This is my first post. I have been peing for quite some time now and have good gains. But I am 39 and my son has just turned 16. I was six inches then and don’t remember if my penis grew on its own after that. My kid has said that he is kind of shy about showing it to a girl because of that. I just dont know if I should allow him to start peing or not. What do you think? When did you guys stop growing before you pe’ed? I don’t want him to run around having sex but I consider myself lucky to know he hasn’t done it up to now. I just want to make sure he is comfortable with his size and he obviously isn’t.


Do the red letters spell some secret message? Collnate, are you being held hostage by bad guys and the one thing they allowed you to do was post to a PE forum?

Well in my opinion I think his age is prime for PE. I figure the youger he is the faster he’ll heal up those microtears so he can tear them up again to make some nice gains. But thats just a theory of mine and I know there are alot of others here who will totally disagree with me but in the end its all up to you. Hope I’ve cleared up some of your questions, if you have any more don’t hesitate to ask. Welcome to Thunder’s and stay a while.


Okay, T. So you're being held hostage by bad guys.

And Collnate, I think the consensus here is PE should not be started until a guy has finished puberty. However, if he already knows about PE, it’s probably inevitable he will try it soon if he hasn’t already. If the two of you are able to discuss such intimate matters as dick size and penis enlargement I think you have two roles here:

1) Advise him and if necessary prevent him from doing anything dangerous with his penis. Maybe he should stick to jelqing until he matures a few years.

2) Do anything you can to increase his confidence and esteem for who he is already. 6 inches is at least average and not inadequate. Penis enlargement would only enhance what he already has.

In any event, he needs all the support and reinforcement you can give him. I would hate to be 16 right now with all the “size does matter” messages in popular culture. When he does start having sex, I think the best counsel you could give him is to be a confident, unselfish lover and an accomplished oralist. Not that you necessarily want him to have a lot of partners, but that will get him laid more than the size of his dick.

And yes, welcome to Thunders. I’m sure you have a great future with the capitalization key.

Hey Ike

Originally posted by Ike
And yes, welcome to Thunders. I'm sure you have a great future with the capitalization key.

Is that that new thing called sarcasm? :D

When did you guys stop growing though?



Let your kid finish growing on his own, I would give him at least another year. Also PE can be dangerous and kids tend to push the envelope to the extreme.

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