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question for everyone

question for everyone

Just started PEing, but I got a question thats a little off the subject. My ball sac is pretty loose and they sag (feels like im 90…lol). I want my package to be nice and compact. Anyone know of anyway that I can tighten up that loose skin. Im open to any suggestions. Thanks

I envy you. My best friend, who I know has banged a lot of chicks, says that sometimes the best feeling is when his balls are bouncing of her ass cheeks ( missionary position ).

Try surgery.

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Its true. Haha I never thought about, but it is true since you mentioned it. I notice when my sac is hitting the cheeks, I pump harder just to exemplify the effect lol. My sac isn’t big or anything, but on some hot days they just hang.

Other than that, I don’t know what you can do to tighten up your sac.

My nuts hang relatively low under certain conditions too. Kind of funny really. Combined with a trim or shave and a good flaccid day, I occasionally hear a rather loud slap if I stop walking or change directions abruptly when everything smacks together or hits my leg. This happens when wearing boxers under loose sweatpants.

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