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Question about that poster with "monster girth"

Question about that poster with "monster girth"

You know, that guy who claimed to get to 7 inch girth and had a photo of his wang next to a remote. Anyway, I’m sure everybody noticed his discolorations (this is what actually makes me believe that his gains were real—if not, why would he admit that it caused discoloration?). What exactly were those from? They seemed to be pretty uniform around the same place on his penis, and I’m wondering why. I mean, if he had that many injuries, he would have had to take many breaks to let his penis heal, hindering girth gains. How did he make such gains while still sustaining such massive injuries/discoloration? Do you guys honestly think it’s possible to gain girth without discoloration/injuries? Has anybody (truthfully) done this? I’m talking midshaft. Thanks.

Link to it for us, please, S&B - thanks.



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I think you’re referring to this guy. Sure he gained great girth but that was due to EXTREME high pressure clamping resulting in significant permanent discoloration. He’s lucky he didn’t damage the internal workings of his penis more with such long and intense pressure.

Discoloration doesn’t have to happen IMO if you exercise in a moderate and patient fashion, not forgetting a bit of luck as some guys discolour quickly and others don’t.

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I think that aristocane is one of the top gainers in girth by extreme clamping. But man I would hate to have a dick like that…loks like it’s going to fall off or something.

I think a more patient approach would be better. If he’s happy, fine. But I’m sure many women might be put-off by the discoloration.

He has nice girth, but yeah I agree with chicken I would hate for my dick to be discolored like that. It must take a girl a little bit to getting used to the appearance.

His dick looks really floppy and soft, and it is way too short for it’s thickness, I can’t imagine that thing working in bed, it would be slipping all over the place and it would more likely fold on itself instead of moving in and out of the vagina, I don’t know if it’s just me, but it doesn’t look like the penis is ready for that girth!
That’s one reason you have to have girth gained gradually, you need a proper venous and arterial infrastructure to support it, that looks like it’s just traumatized to the point where the blood is just pooling all over the place!
I started about a week ago and have had 5 newbie workouts, I started with 14cm mid-shaft and 14.5cm base, now I have a solid 15.5cm at the base and about 14.7cm to 15cm mid-shaft, and no discolouration, ‘hard as rock’ stags, thicker veins all over. I think this is the way to know your getting good gains not just bad swelling.

And I think the whiter you are the more likely it is you would get discolouration like that, plus it’s more noticable!

I had discoloration as severe as his.. It finally returned to it’s normal color after several months.. Don’t worry, discoloration is not permanent.. Scary, though.

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