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Newbie question for hanging gains

Newbie question for hanging gains

Okay, I know I asked a lot of dumb questions on here, but this one really is getting to me.

My BPEL is now 7inches, but when i measure my penis from the base without pressing, it is only like 6.10. which means I have no gains visually. Why is this so?

my BPEL was 6.75 before so I have a pressed length gain, but no visual gain?

Sounds like your pubic bone fat pad has grown at the same time as your penis. Have you gained weight?

Actually its the flaccid length, not the erect length..To clarify, the flaccid length is bigger on bone press but the flaccid visual pulled length hasn’t gotten bigger.

Sorry for the confusion, but I am not as quick or smart as some of you guys, so my questions might be basic.

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