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Pros and cons of clamping vs pumping?

Pros and cons of clamping vs pumping?

Can someone explain the pros and cons of clamping vs pumping? I have both, should I do both? Explain.

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I have done both and in my experience they are very similar but for a couple of reasons.

Pumping can cause lymphatic fluid to build up which although looks like growth is not.

As for clamping the main issue I have is leaving the clamps on too long because I forgot to time it right.

I currently do both. I feel that the answer to achieving girth gains is a combination of clamping, pumping, and manual exercises, in that order. Some feel that it is better to pump, then clamp. For me, clamping first gives me a fatter penis at the end of the exercises.

I do not think there are many cons to either pumping or clamping if you play it safe. Both can definitely be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Discolouration is one con, but that can come from PE in general. Some people refer to clampers as having “clamper’s dick”, which I feel is from overworking.

I think you left the most important option out and that is manual exercises. I went for a time just clamping and was not seeing any growth. I switched to clamping plus manual exercises and started to grow again.

Please understand this is just my opinion but I am rather firm in it.

Clamping: obviously puts stress on almost all tissues from an internal point of view. I think this is one of the best girth exercise applications a guy can utilize. It is blood driven so pressures increase the size of blood holding structures directly. It expands the corpus cavernosa, it dilates blood vessels, and internally pressures the glans.

Pumping: I consider pumping a complete waste of time. All it does is bring in and congregate lymphatic fluid in the skin. It might deposit some of the same fluids inside around other structures but the end result is always the same and that is NO GROWTH. These fluids leave the area within 24 hours and you are back to where you started, no gain, even over a long period of time and may applications. Case in point is a recent new member here at Thunder’s that had been pumping for 6 years. He testified that of all the time he had spent pumping he had NO GROWTH as a result and was happy he had found Thunders to give him something that worked. We won’t go into specifics here. The point is there is only one good use (as I see it) for a pump and that is a very consistent measurement device. Once you reach a level of vacuum for a specific period of time the lenght you have will be an absolute. You can not lie about length while in the tube, even to yourself it’s either there or it isn’t. I have relegated myself to a once a month measurement. That’s when I break out the tube and find out reality. Pumping gives you the feeling that you are getting more volume, and you are, but it is false volume that quickly dissipates, but it is fun for the short run. It even might be OK for a quick go with the wife after and she might enjoy it but don’t expect it to be there the next morning or afternoon.

I know pumper’s out there will have a different opinion but my experience doesn’t indicate a long lasting benefit to pumping.

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The results in my sig from pumping speak for themselves and have been permanent. Everyone grows from different things while some dont grow at all.

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