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what are pro's and con's

what are pro's and con's

of the following, for stretching with the captain’s wench:

1) using only cotton wrap
2) using only theraband
3) using cotton wrap and theraband

I want to prevent getting injured. That’s why I’m asking if using only one of the two would be a good idea or not.

I experimented with different combinations of those three you have listed.
The following works for me.
1. 1 1/2 inch wide, 15 inch long cotton wrap as first wrap
2. 1 1/2 inch wide, 9 inch long theraband as second wrap
3. 2 inch wide 8 inch long theraban as third wrap

Apart from the dimentions of the wraps that I mentioned the tightness of each wrap matters as well.

As Slack said you need to experiment with your wrapping.
I feel wrapping takes time to master.
I’m also new to hanging and learning wrapping.
Sometimes I rewrap it 2 (or even 3) times in a 20 minute set and sometimes I wrap it perfect in one shot. Experimentaion is the key.

Good luck with your hanging.

It’s really a matter of comfort, cosmoxl. I hung for years without wrapping and did just fine.


Originally Posted by GlandMaster
It’s really a matter of comfort, cosmoxl. I hung for years without wrapping and did just fine.


Which hanger do you hang with?

I started with a Wench. It was slightly painful, but I have a high pain tolerance, and a big, tough cock from years of extreme pumping. I’ve now got a Commercial BibHanger, and now that I’m over 6” EG, I find I need to wrap. It’s either that, or I’ve become deconditioned, less tough.

These days, I’m using a small piece of Tensor Self-Adhesive Bandage to wrap with.


I might add: If you’re prone to bruising, or discoloration, use as much wrap as humanly possible: this ain’t a tough guy contest here, fellows! Be safe!


Just wondering how you get the theraband tight enough when it’s 2” wide?

For hanging I settled on thin, dense sweatshirt material underneath gray Theraband. They both measure about 2.5” x 10”. I don’t spiral.

Generally the less wrap you can get by with the better. This allows a better grip.

Peeling Theraband off bare skin can be painful. Also, its leading edge can be “sharp.” Whatever you use, be careful not to wrap too tightly, especially nearest the head. When tension is applied the area in front of the hanger expands. Allow for that when wrapping.

As everyone else has said, it’s a matter of experimentation. Try different materials and combinations.

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