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Proposed PE Routine, please help!

Proposed PE Routine, please help!

ok, I have been reading up for a bit! SORRY this is so long! My starting stats are:

NBPFL: 4.25”

EG: 5.5”

BPEL(6.5”) vs. EL(7”) ok this is weird, but to get the BP I have to push my penis towards the ground, which it won’t do. I have one that shoots straight up to my chin and if I press it down it almost feels like part of it is going back into the body. When I measure its length as it just sits there pointing almost back into my body, it sits about 6.75-7”

GOALS: I hope to gain 2” in length and 1-1.5” in girth. I am committed to PE for at least the next 2 years. I will try this proposed routine and switch it up and incorporate hanging, maybe pumps, etc. as time goes on. But for now:

STEP ONE: 15min warm-up with heat pad

STEP TWO: 10min doing DLD’s blasters and Kegels as described here with a V stretch

DLD Blaster
1.) While laying down pull penis up towards the chest. Create a very good tension.

2.) Do 100 pc squeezes while holding this stretch. This will completely isolate the pc muscle while making you aware of the feeling when it is releasing.

3.) let go and do a 20 second hard pc squeeze.

4.) In a laying position grab penis in a two handed type stretch (ie. DLD “A” Stretch, DLD Dual Fulcrum Stretch, 7-ups “V” Stretch) Now do 50 sets of these: PC squeeze (Keggle) for 5 seconds being very aware of the pc muscle then push out (Reverse Keggle), releasing the pc muscle for 5 seconds. Ex-hale during this and increase the tension. You will feel an immediate increase in length on the push. This is where you will be hitting the ligs 100%

5.) Finish this routine with a 1 minute squeeze followed by a 1 minute push.

STEP THREE: 10 min doing jelqs with hand cream, half the time palm-up, half the time palm down. I do the jelqs for 3-4 sec each stroke.

**there is some short rest and “penis-hitting” on thigh in between all this to restore bloodflow.

STEP FOUR: 10min heating pad again


Try to measure with your penis out at 90 degrees to the floor whilst standing if possible when measuring bone pressed. Push it down, bend any curve to the ruler and push the ruler in hard. Getting good starting measurements is a bonus. I don’t have them and wish I did.

If you really have trouble with this use bone pressed flaccid stretched.

Your length goals sound highly achievable. It seems lots of people stall on girth but 1” + is not uncommon.

Your initial warmup sounds lengthy, which is good but you may find you can cut down the time without ill effect. I guess its worth experimenting.

The blaster is a good stretch, I hope you get far with it. You may find that initially all those kegels are hard to perform but as the point is to tire the PC muscle you should achieve that. Working on your understanding of what you are stretching is also important. You need to know whether you are simply stretching skin, stretching ligaments, and/or stretching the tunica.

Be careful to ease into the jelqing. Though you’ve probably read this already, you need to condition your penis to accept the high pressures.

Nice to read a thought out routine before you’ve even started PE’ing.

Best of luck and best of gains.

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