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Do you think gains greater than 2” are PROBABLE with good PE routine and effort?




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Do you believe that gains greater than 2” are PROBABLE given a good PE routine and sufficient effort?



I believe it really depends on the persons genetic capabilities. Some will, some won’t. I hope I can, but if I can’t, I’ll have no choice but to live with that fact.

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I agree with benbe5312. Personally, I think I can gain 2.5” total, but it will probably take several more years.


Do you think there is such a massive difference in cell makeup between people in an area that has a limited amount of muscle tissue?

Not sure I’m asking the right question to be honest, I can understand that certain genetics allow people to be huge/skinny/fat/lean etc.. but is there enough of these muscle properties that make up the bodies differences found in the groin to prevent anyone (given proper dedication) the ability to lengthen thier penis to an extent I suppose indefinately.(ignoring the initial lig stretch allowing the penis to come away from the pubic bone)


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Seems to me that if doctors are now able to help patients grow and extra 6 inches in a leg, then we should be able to grow many inches in our dicks. The cellular structures in a leg are much more complex than in a penis.

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Brag, I don’t know how much variation there is. Some guys, take SS4Jelq for example, do everything right and still have a hard time gaining. There are bound to be at least minor differences in tissue composition and strength among people.

I’ve always wondered if double jointed guys would be easy gainers.

In my case I believe that I will gain a total somewhere in excess of 2” and I will attribute this gain as much to the power of the ‘cosmic warehouse’ as to any physical work I put in. I don’t know when I will achieve my full potential but I hope it will be sooner rather than later :D

I truly believe that if you cannot visualize yourself with a larger unit then your gains will be small if any. In my case I genuinely believed for many years (long before I even discovered the existence of PE) that there was more to come.

Like many people I had been somewhat sceptical in the beginning of my PE career -despite my inner convictions. When I discovered recently that I had gained (not a huge amount, but enough to rekindle my efforts) I was on the one hand pleasantly surprised, but on the other hand I had always believed gains would happen for me sooner or later anyway. I guess in my case it was just a question of finding the right excercises and then putting in both the time and the mental effort.

However, I am also rational enough to realise that due to everyone’s unique biological makeup or whatever, not everyone will gain the same amount and that .5 to 2” may well be the limit for many.

A good few years ago I read a little book called “Creative Visualization” by Shakti Gawain. It changed my life. Literally. It can be hard work (especially if you’re as lazy as me!) but even just getting into the mental zone on a half regular basis can be rewarding in itself. If you’ve not tried visualization before and if you’ve got an open mind then give it a go sometime -you might be pleasantly surprised :D

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