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Pre-Sleep vs. Regular Exercise

Pre-Sleep vs. Regular Exercise

I’ve been doing some thinking… {and even searched and found nothing}
Doesn’t our body renew itself mainly in the night? when we’re teenagers (for me it’s even now), we sometimes even feel our body grow because the diffrence is so big.
Now, in PE we are basicly rebuilding our cells after we microteared them. So won’t it be more effective to make the microtears just before going to sleep? Or on a higher level, change ADS to ANS (All Night Stretch)? (this is meant on tunica stretches and girth exercises, ligs are less effected I think)

Please tell me what you think, and if anyone here remember something about better gains when he started PEing close to him going to sleep, please say so.

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In my opinion, any differences in gains according to time of day when PEing will be negligible. I have no experience systematically varying this property of my PE program, however, so I don’t have any real data to go by. I’ll be interested in hearing what others think.

Concerning ANS, there is wide consensus that one should not attach any devices to the penis during sleep, due to the frequency and inevitabily of nocturnal erections. One possible exception is a velcro strap around the base of the cock and balls, which should not inhibit blood-flow during erections, so long as it isn’t wrapped too tightly. Also, Big Girtha and some other guys have recently been promoting the “tucking” of the penis and scrotum between the legs during sleep to maintain a mild stretch. Try reading BG’s very recent thread (entitled something like “weigh your cock, don’t measure it”) for more info.

As far as a potential “ANS” I (and 98.54%) of the forum would advise against any PE whilst sleeping.

As far as time of day affecting gains, I dont think it would make too much difference, in fact, maybe a first thing in the morning PE session would be better than a just before sleep session.

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