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Popping noise

Popping noise

Other day I was stretching and I heard a pop it did not hurt or feel weird it just pooped. What may this be. Also when I stretch I feel something pulling from my left leg any idea?

It could be you just pulled a ligament, sometimes they make a popping sound. These are called “lig pops” and are somewhat common. It means you are stretching the ligs, which is a good thing! Just don’t overdo it. There were some older posts about this, try doing a search for “ligpop” or “lig pop” and see what you find.

The ligs radiate outward from the base of the penis into the abdomonal cavity, and over diagonally and sideways by the legs even. Perhaps you are just a little “tighter” on the left side, also a common thing. Hope that helps :)

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I seem to get multiple “pops” when I do jelqing at 12 o’clock. Me likey.

So I guess I need to pull harder and longer. I really haven’t had any pops yet and I have been at this for about 2 weeks.

IT also seems if I measure my length on my left side it’s sorter then my right.

Thought I’d squeeze this in:

What is the average amount time a newbie should start experiencing “lig pops”?? Or does this differ by person to person??


Right away. I did a lig pop over two years ago before I even started getting into PE (I’ve always considered stretching the major component of PE, though).

Figure out your LOT, but generally, pulling down will get the stretching and lig popping you want. First time you do it, a really strong pull, you will feel a bit weird, and it may even hurt. The next day, if you do it just as hard, you should hear a pop, if not then, the third or fourth time. Really, I started popping almost immediately after I started stretching, and I pop every time I stretch (although it’s gotten a little harder over the years).

Once you stop popping, don’t stop until you’re “done.” I did this before, and it took a lot more effort to get my ligs to pop again, obviously because they healed.

Then again, though, you may have very strong ligs, and popping may never occur. The rule of thumb is if it hurts badly, you’re doing something wrong. Popping does not hurt that bad, it feels sore afterwards, and you might get a little weirded out, but it shouldn’t be an unbearable pain. My penis has been just a little sore for a week or so now, because I’ve pumped up my regimen. But I have never had an unbearable pain. Listen to yourself, if you’re afraid it might hurt, stop. BUT, don’t be too afraid. You’ll never get gains if you’re not afraid to push yourself just a TINY bit. There’s a fine line you should walk. Not too much, not too little.

I’ve never had a lig pop from PE, so I wouldn’t consider them to be mandatory or necessary.


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