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PJ or hand?

PJ or hand?

Which is better? I am still working on just my kegels and havn’t started on jelqs just yet. Will the PJ do the same as my hand except make things easier and better productivity?


edit: changed the spelling sorry about that i was typing so fast that day i probably had about 3 DrPeppers and the fact that i’m very hyped about getting bigger

So where do I sign to change my name to Dirk Diggler??


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Hey alb,
First, the correct spelling for kegels is kegels, not kelgs. Some new guy will bump into your posts at a later date and ask 20 questions about “what is a kelg”. Also, correct spellings are necessary for the search engine to work well.

Second, you are full of “newbie enthusiasm” now. Stick with doing the manual exercises for a month or so before you buy anything. That way you will know more about what you want and you will be sure of your continuing interest in PE. You also will not have a bunch of “tools” laying around if you decide to not persue PE.

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I agree

Also, it takes a while to learn to jelq well. So when you do finally purchase something, you will know if it does in fact feel right and if it is better than by hand.


Agreed with everything above. Not to add any fuel, but I recently have been doing a psuedo-power jelq by using both hands—one in normal position, and then I put the index finger of the other hand on my thumb and my other thumb on my index finger, and add some extra squeeze.

Do the jelq first.


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I have been jelqing for about 2 1/2 months, not very long but I have learned alot with the help of this forum. I ordered the PJ after one month of starting hoping to find a device to help me gain faster. For me I find it better to manually jelq because I can form a better fit around my member to pump the blood through the shaft. I have a very strong grip and the force I had to use with the PJ to get the same results did not sit well with me. After 3 weeks of use I was feeling a bit sore in the area you don’t want to feel pain, the top of the shaft. You have a bunch of nerves running alone the top and being the PJ was flat put to much pressure on them. Also the foam started to split on me from the force I had to use. I’m in this for the long term, and realized that there is no miracle device out there, at lease for right now, that will help you gain faster! Best thing for me was to properly do the excises manually and not over do it, plus you will not have to replace parts!


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