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have never done pe,just ordered the PJ

have never done pe,just ordered the PJ

Hi i am new to this pe stuff just started hand j’s yesterday i ordered this PJ device any reports on it ,also after the first time with the hand jequl i am abit sore today,well not sore sore i am just aware of a differant dull feelin is this normal , also a few red blotches appered on my head?

my starting mesurements are 4 1/4 flaccid 6 1/4 erect and 4 1/2 girth about an inch below my head what gains can i expect? many thanks great forum BTW


Don’t overdue it at first, when you get the PJ dont hurt yourself you can squeeze your dick a lot harder with it. You have to give your penis veins time to grow to handle the volume of blood that you are squeezing into them.


Gradual increase


Dino’s right. Don’t overdo it. Increase intensity gradually. PE takes time, dilligence and a lot of effort, not to mention consistency with your workouts. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, Bro, that’s what the board’s here for, after all.

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hey thanks guys am from scotland BTW you got any scots on here yet? no well you have noo lol. hey thanks again, the reason i started this is my fiance let slip she dated a black guy when younger, lol . For a start it was nooooooooo it wasnt nice he was to “heavy” to hold and she couldnt get her hands round him , it was sore ,,, but after askin (when she was drunk she said it was amazin lol) so i am doing it for her really and my own personal benifits . so does starting gentley mean ? how much reps. i intend to do 150 to 200 PJ every other day and streaches every day and kegal as often as required is this ok ?interestnly she said it was the girth that did it not the length any tips?

seriously… take your time… I use the powerjelqer with some of my routines… it’s a very intense mofo… if you’ve never PE’d before you could hurt yourself… I would recommend doing some regular jelqing for a week just to get your unit used to the new pressures you’ll be applying to it and maybe even a couple of weeks of lightly using the powerjelqer just to get familiar with it before you get into anything too intense… just a thought… wouldn’t want you to hurt your best friend

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thanks going deep i will take all advice . thanks again

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