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Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

Originally Posted by Seneca 32
I’d just like to add that I regard the original post in this thread as mandatory reading for all of us into doing PE, especially newbies. If anyone hasn’t read it, I highly recommend it.

Wholeheartedly agree. This information has been the cornerstone of my PE practice, and probably the reason why I stuck with it.

Start: Dec 2016 BPEL: 6.125" MEG: 5.5" (5' - 9" 264 lb)

Curr: Oct 2017 BPEL: 6.75" MEG: 5.625" (5' - 9" 245 lb)

Goal: 7.5" x 6" .......I want to win the dick swinging contest.

Thank you for this. I have a tendency to overdo it.

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The taking the hammer to the dick made be laugh and cringe in pain. No where have I’ve seen someone recommend that technique.

Starting: 2/12/18 BPEL 6.125" x 4.625"

Current: 3/4/18 BPEL 6.38" x 4.69" | Progress | Pics

Goal: BPEL 7" x 5.5" Dream Goal: 8"+


I’m starting to really stress. I just started PE about 3 weeks ago. And for the First two weeks just warmed up with warm water for 5 minutes then pumped for 5 minutes @3mhg decompressed and did that for 3 sets (15 minutes total) and everything seemed fine. Then about a week or so ago I upped it a bit to 4mhg for 3 sets at 5 min each (only did that once). And got a small bruise on head of my penis so I stopped. I only did that one day. But a couple days before that I read an article on another webiste that said to warm up, then stretch (up, down, left, right) while counting with kegels, then jelg for 10 minutes I think. At the time I didn’t think I overdid it but for the last 4-5 days my nighttime/morning wood is 60-70% at Best. I got so nervous I tried to masturbate this morning and could not get fully erect before I ejaculated. Maybe it was the stress I don’t know but it’s scaring the hell out of me. But what was weird is that I was able to have sex with my wife 4 days ago and although it wasn’t as hard as normal I didn’t think too much about it at the moment. I think I even edged the day after or the day before having sex with the wife and was able to get fully erect. So now I’m a nervous wreck and don’t know what to do. Do I need to see a urologist? Take some time off and let it heal? And if taking time off should I leave it alone completely or is masturbation and sex ok.


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