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penis length & vaginal depth


penis length & vaginal depth

hi everyone,i have read many people talking about and asking what is the perfect length,how long should i make it,my girlfriend can take me in certain positions but not others etc,you get what im saying. The thing is if your GF has a VD(vaginal depth) of say 6 inches and your cock is 7.5inches well then you are going to hurt her,no question.But if you are 5.5 or 6 inches then all is well.Lots of people on here are saying i want a huge cock to please her,are you sure you are doing it for her and not you.Anyway i have read that girth is more pleasureable to women than length.The other thing is too,if your cock is longer than VG and you are hitting her cervix you can be doing very serious damage to her and if your a penetrating her cervix than stop it NOW.The cervix is not meant to penetrated.Yes some women like it to stimulated with a finger touching it nicely but not penetrated.What good is there in having a cock(as above) and youy GF having a VD(as above) when you are the one who may be loosing out her because you can get full sensasation in your full lenght of the shaft because you are to big.So you have 1.5 inches of your shaft doing nothing,a waste,also when getting blown if she can only take….we`ll say 5 inches in her mouth then its worse.Now you are wasting 2.5inches.So i guess what we have to do is find out of GF`s VD then say right i can go this much bigger……but ask her about when she sucks all of you could she take more or not……if she cant well i gues you might have to find something on the net on how to deepthroat…..but the increases in length would be small enough for her to get used to too as you get bigger……..Over all i am saying what you need to be is compatible with her in your length and her depth……this is what they say in trantric sex and aslo the kama sutra.

check out the pic in this post.

Where I come form VD stands for something different.

Any chance of some paragraphs in your next post. This one was really hard to read.

Oh yeah? Well this is what they say in America…Bigger is Better.



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So what if she can only get 5 inches in her moth or 6.5 in her pussy, its still only that length. If you’ve got longer and she can take it good, if not shes only going to be able to please 5 inches at a time either way. So what difference does it make if 5 inches is the whole tool or only half.

RIght on pumaz

I say it’s better to have more than enough than not enough full stop.

“Lots of people on here are saying i want a huge cock to please her,are you sure you are doing it for her and not you”.

Yes, I’m sure I’m doing it for me.

No such thing

There’s no such thing as “vaginal depth”. The vagina is an elastic structure. It stretches.

I’m 7.9” long and I can surely insert it completely and then give it an extra push. Not only does it go all the way, but my wife loves the extra stretch feeling she gets when I push deep.


I don’t believe vaginal depth is the motivating factor for most guys who go into PE. The majority of us just want to have big dicks, for whatever ego-rubbing reasons.

Length makes not an iota of difference in the pleasure of the blow job you receive. (Exceptionally large girth, though, can be a limiting factor there.) If there are a couple inches not being stimulated either in intercourse or a blow job, I’d still rather have the surplus.



one thing though…if you look at that diagram, is that unless your partner is like really….huge…you will never put like 10” into that girl. I mean that picture is fairly proportional and that penis is like 8” at best. With like 10” inside her you would be massaging her spine. Off course, this would not be the case for some other positions.

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!

If youwant to reach de-cul-sac, is it bad to have too much girth?


What if you already have the perfect fit or get it through PE than..uh oh…you get a new girlfriend, or lover?? Damn, there goes your “perfect fit” theory….

People on here want bigger dicks for themselves, not to please others. Granted, some on here might want it for others, but the majority want it for themselves.

Like Uber, Nick, Avocet, Pumaz, and Secjay say….why not?

"The world is a one way mirror. What they see, is what you see. What do you want people to see?" Women. If you're going to swing...swing for the fucking fences. "The reasonable man insists on adapting to the world. The unreasonable man persists on having the world adapt to him. Therefore, all progress in the world is made by the unreasonable man." "Success is not a surprise."


The cervex is not the end as far as sex is concerned… I was eight prior to PE efforts (not much past it now) and I can assure you that the cervex will “move” / shift out of the way and your penis will go past it.. True that girls hate their cervex slammed but with the right angle they go fucking nuts! My wife is petite and can take a 9” dildo hard right to the nuts…

For me

Right now I’m a bout 6 1/4 NBP and 5 in girth so I’m not a huge guy, but my girlfriend is somewhat small down there so I sometimes cause her discomfort as it is.

Moral is, I’m doing this for me, its something I want to do for myself. Its just something that makes me feel better. I do not feel inadequit, I can last quite a long time in the sack and have given multiple orgasms to every girl I’ve been with thus far.

I’m actually a bit worried about how my girlfriend will be able to handle any extra size I get, and I will keep this up till I do get the size I want even if it takes multiple years.

I guess it’s the same as asking a bodybuild why he keeps lifting weights, hes big enough already and doesn’t need to be stronger…

Better to have the size and not need it -

than to need it and not have it…

Do it for You!

As I am sure most of you guys are aware, unless you are really very tiny (say less than 4” erect and 3.5” girth both of which are arbitrary figures) most women who truly love you will be satisfied, as long as you function normally. Women are not like men and are not half as focused on sex and sex organs as men are. To please and satisfy a women is a many layered undertaking of which the most important aspect is her mind. Sex is important to a woman but more as an act which brings your two hearts and minds closer rather than an exclusive act of physical satisfaction, as it often is for men.
Understanding and appreciating this will go much further towards pleasing your woman than having a longer and thicker penis.
That said, if you want your unit longer and thicker, by all means go ahead but recognize that, except under extreme circumstances, you are doing this for yourself and no one else.


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