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Penis end not hard when erect

Penis end not hard when erect

Dear All

This is something that has bothered me as long as I can remember, I just wanted clarification that I am not alone!

When I have an erection the shaft is hard, but the head is still pretty soft. Whenever I have seen pictures of the mail organ in the erect state the end looks hard and shiny, not all squashy like mine.

Does yours differ?

Any suggestions for making that end big and bulbus.

Thanks in advance chaps

Mine is also sort of soft when I am hard!

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!


Totally normal. The head is a part of the lower chamber which contains the urethra. The blood pressure is much lower in this chamber. If it was not, you would have a much harder time ejaculating as the urethra would be closed by the pressure.


I think PEing (or at least jelqing) makes the softness of the head more noticable as the rest of the penis is that much harder when erect.

Thanks Chaps


Also, close to climax the pressure increase in the “lower chamber” making the glans bigger and often the hole dick a lil bigger.

The guys in the pornpictures I´m sure “manipulate” as much as possible when the pictures being shot.

And of course the best looking pictures are the only one published.

Forget about porn, no matter magazine, movies or wathever, that´s not reality. It´s similar to (many) girls believing that a relationship should be like in a novell or a holywoodmovie, no good!


Same thing here. Doing kegels improved this a lot…


I noticed the same thing about the head being softer - it looks firm but is fairly soft. I was wondering if it has always been like this or is it a new post-PE thingie…

ù ì å í


rigid dickhead aid

I never spent thoughts on the condition of my glans before I tried on a cock ring (just one around the shaft - balls outside). But after having seen the look of my whole unit being trapped in a cock ring and especially the very pumped and really shiny look of my glans I would miss it when looking or using it without wearing a ring. BTW, it’s a silver ring, which just fits over my flaccid one. Maybe just try a cock ring yourself. But indeed, it’s hard to really shoot your load while wearing one, since the lower chamber is pumped to its limits. >>Where there is sun there is some shadow as well <<

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

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