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PE'ing Phimosis & Circumcision

PE'ing Phimosis & Circumcision

Hey all. I need a deal of help. I am pretty dam sure I suffer from Phimosis and I have booked a doctors appointment tomorrow to see what I can do with it. My mother used to be a nurse, and despite the embarrassment she was very supportive when I confined in her. Although I did not show her my tool she was familiar with the description I gave. She feels that I may have to have an operation, not a circumcision, but an op where skin is snipped. My question to you is how will PE be effected through this? I have had a start stop relationship with PE and not made any gains. If anyone out there had a circumcision at an adult age and you also we’re PE’ing at the time, did you have to have a break? I’m guessing I would have to due to the sensitivity of the operation.


Thanks. I should have done that myself. To explain how serious I cannot pull my foreskin anywhere back to reveal my head. It has never really been an issue till my sex life has begun and struggling to nicely put on a condom. The top of the skin makes it awkwardly fit on my penis and for hygiene I have to be extra sure I’m clean. On a flaccid look my penis looks like a condom stretched out with the tip where the siemen goes is where my foreskin stays. I don’t suffer pain during sex or masturbation although I have to be easy on friction.

It’s very likely the doctor will recommend circumcision or, at the very least, preputioplasty. You might consider manual stretching with steroid cream as a less radical first step. However, if you don’t have painful intercourse or any other problems besides putting on a condom, why do you want to change it?

Hygiene mainly. As disgusting as this is, I ca get very dirty down there and occasionally feel itchy if I don’t shower 2/3 times a day. It’s just something I want to get rid of. I may not have a full circumcision, it may be only to create an opening.

Hey Hughgreck.

I got circumcised about 3 years ago for the same reason. I would say if you were to have any surgery, make sure you only get removed what needs to be removed . I wish I knew at the time that I could have had this done.

I didn’t P.E at the time, but thinking back I would say I wouldn’t have done P.E for at least 3 weeks. My unit was very sore for about 5 days, then it started to get a bit better, but I can’t imagine I would have been wanting to pull and squeeze my dick for a good while after.

Anyway, I think westlas plan seems the best way to go for starters, there’s no point having surgery if you don’t need it.

Good luck.

p.s. mums rule

I may not have my entire foreskin cut away. I made need only a slight slice to allow the foreskin to glide. I’m very nervous, today I have not PE’d, I’ll see what the doc says. If he says I need an operation, I’m not sure whether I should continue PE’ing until the I have the surgery. Murph, we’re you able to go about your day as normal immediately after the operation or should I book some time off work? Also, I hear things about a less of felt sensation during sex/masturbation after your foreskin is gone, have you noticed that?

I took a few days off work but wish I had taken the week off, although I do a fair bit of walking in my job so that didn’t help much, plus I had a full circumcision, so I don’t know how much it will hurt if they just make a cut in your foreskin

As for losing sensation during sex, I find it more pleasurable because my foreskin used to cover my glans totally aside from a small hole in the tip so I didn’t know what sex was like with a normal foreskin.

By the way, how tight is your foreskin, can you pull it back at all?

Sounds like your determined to have some kind of surgery Hugh. Did you read the article that gprent101 linked to? Ask your doctor about steroid cream and manual stretching. You know, because you are here at Thunder’s, that stretching does make things enlarge. You could enlarge the opening of your foreskin that way and avoid the knife.

Knowing my doctor he will most likely use surgery as a last option. I am cool with whatever treatment, but I don’t see how manual work will be efficient. The best way to describe my penis is what your penis would look like when wearing a condom. The tip, where semen semen Simeon seamen Siemens sidemen Simon Simone airmen icemen siren —manual input— would go is where my skin is, this skin, for me, is extremely difficult difficult difficulty difficultly difficulty’s difficulties —manual input— if not impossible impossibly impossible impossibility impassibly impossibles —manual input— to manually move. In particular, the backing of my penis is tight, it is as if the glands and backing of the penis are stuck together.

I’ll keep you guys updated, I’ll take some before & after pictures if need be & post them on this site.

Also, to add, this isn’t the main reason I am doing this but just an enquiry. Would my penis, take a better, fuller shape? My glands, seem slightly less full on one side in comparison to the other, does anyone have any knowledge of the penis after circumcision.

There are some good articles out there on manual stretching to loosen the skin. That is a much better option than circumcision. I was circumcised many years ago, not know much about the procedure, and I’ve spent the last several years restoring in an attempt to reverse the procedure, but I know some things are lost forever.

Such as? What is lost forever?

back when i was 14,i got this infection(i’m uncut and i never retracted my forescin)…
i got kind of scared because there was this thing ozing out of my dick,and i told my dad.
he saw it and he knew the problem…he said that i have to learn hot to retract my forescin..
i couldn’t do it because the opening was to small andi was afraid it would hurt,but he encouraged me to do it ,so i did it all the way in caure of few minutes in front of him.
it was very weird,because i never knew that part of my tool,and that i can retract it all the way.
it took few days to get fully retracted,and about a week or to for the skin to get conditioned and to start fully open and retract on it’s own.
+my dad gave me some thing to use to beat the infection and to hold my dick inside for five minutes every got all well,and retracting the skin,although a bit painfull at the start,was easily geting beter and better.
so my point is,why not try this alone?
i did it my self while 14 infront of my dad,the fist time i pulled all the way behind the glans,but not complitely…the next day,or two days after the first retraction, i managed to pool all the way,and this white thing came out from the space between the edge of the glans and the retracted foreskin.
the whole thing wasn’t painfull and i’m very happy it hapened,cause it’s so much better with retractable skin.


ups,sorry,i saw that is kinda of imposible for you to do this…

take care,

but slowely,maybe you can condiotion your foreskin to go all the way out.

it took me 5min,but you can go for few weeks few times a day,and i think it will hapen-it will retract.

and then you are safe for good.

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