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PE with a PA (Prince Albert)

PE with a PA (Prince Albert)

I have a pierced cock. 8 ga Prince Albert ring thru the glans. Does anyone else on this board who has a PA participate in PE? Any tips for me to follow? I took out the ring to jelq, but would like to leave it in.

Also, Just started PE. Read about jelqing, but didn’t read enough. I burst a vessel or something on the right side of my cock. I’m guessing that, by leaving it alone, the bruise (about the size of a dime) will go away. Anything that can be done to quicken the process

Welcome to Thunder’s Tom!

I started here with an Apadravya still in the healing stage (6 months at 10 ga.) If you’ve healed your piercing more than a couple of months, you’ll be just fine doing your excercises with the ring in.
I started with 50 jelqs every other day and some stretching here and there. I worked my way up to 250 or so jelqs every other day, and let up on the stretches a little and devised a squeeze to throw into my routine.
The stretching puts more stress on the piercing than my squeezes.
And about a month and a half into my routines I saw a definite growth in flaccid hang and maybe 3/8” erect girth gain. I also over-did it on the intensity 2 weeks ago and saw a little blood coming from the new scar tissue on top of the glans. The PA on the bottom has been healed for months and doesn’t lymph anymore but the top hole still does, especially after PE.
I took the blood as a signal to rest for a full 2 weeks and am now back at it. Taking it slow and easy. The erect girth didn’t go away during the 2-week period but the flaccid hang did go back to almost pre-PE size at the end of the break.
My advice to you is to definitely warm up with either with a hot moist towel or dunking in a glass with extra warm water to prevent injuries. Yeah, I know it seems like a pain to warm up but that has to be done for the tissues to soften up and blood to flow to the area.
Good luck with the gains!

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Hi Tom,
I have a PA (4 gauge) and a frenum piercing as well. I remove both of them when I jelq, hang, or use the penimaster. They just get in the way otherwise, and can be pretty uncomfortable sometimes if they get pressure applied. I have tried leaving them in, and then also trying to avoid contact, but it is such a hassle and detracts from the “mission at hand.”

I have had good luck with the exercises otherwise…

Don’t hesistate to PM me if you have any further questions or comments.

Take care,

If you are crafty, you can devise a way to hang light weight from your piercing, thus keeping your cock stretched all day under your clothing. Or would that hurt?

Becoming.... Godsize

Dark also has a PA… I’m not sure what size it is…

Well, from my experience, it’s not possible to hang weights from the Prince Albert ring to achieve any sort of gains in penis length. What happens, is the piercing itself starts enlarging, long before any sort of substantial weight is applied. Can be pretty painful, and the dick remains the same size (or shrinks while trembling. :)

As an S/M experience, that idea probably has it’s place, however.

Originally posted by Prickle
If you are crafty, you can devise a way to hang light weight from your piercing, thus keeping your cock stretched all day under your clothing. Or would that hurt?

YES! It hurts me thinking about it! ;)

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I wear a 10ga apadravya (reverse PA), a 2ga Pa, 2 frenums (8ga & 12ga) and a 6ga guiche. All of which I’ve had for a decade or more. My advice to you would be to take them out while doing your exercises and put them back in when your done. Unless they’re still healing.


Didnt the PA start life as a sort of ADS to stop “obscene bulges” on aristocrats tied down the leg. What if you piercing was straight through the glans width ways.

The "average size" is usually over-estimated. Small guys don't take part in surveys and big guys jump at the chance.

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