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Pe, than hang, than lig surgery

Pe, than hang, than lig surgery

Ok, here is one for you to ponder. I saw on one of these threads that a person had their lig cut and reattatched lower down. Of course hanging was used to reinforce this post operation procedure. So what if someone hung like a mo fo after going ape with Pe and then got it cut. Would not the enhancement been done to the ligs first followed by the reattatchment lower of it in the pelvis? Is this a logical conclusion gentlemen? Any thoughts? TT

Ex. say you were six then PEed and hung to get to 10, then cut the lig and rehooked it. Wouldn’t you be at 10.5 to 12”?

I don't think so.

As far as i know, the ligament surgery only increases your flaccid length, so it wouldn’t increase the erect length in any way. (I don’t really care about my flaccid length - (its not astounding) because my concern is erect length. Maybe if flaccid length is your goal it would help.

Don’t quote me on this as i may be wrong.
Anyone else know better?

ps sod the surgery - if somethings worth having its worth working for and i’ve heard plenty of horror stories about guys coming out SHORTER than before they had the surgery!

See Ya,


There is at least one person on this board or the PE forum who has had it done. Perhaps if they come foward, we could all learn. Thanks ! TT


Fat8 had it done with good results, look at the old post on the peforum he talks about it all the time, I think he got most of his gains hanging after the cut. I wouldn’t do why take a chance pe is slow but works for most maybe all.


For perspective - flaccid length is primarily important in locker room situations - bad enough on the morale of sensitive guys - but not of particular concern for sexual encounters. In sexual encounters, by the time your partner actually SEES your penis flaccid, they’ve already probably FELT it one or more times ERECT… ;) :D


True! I agree with you. But, I am just proposing for absolute maximum gain. You know some people would not be happy with anything below a foot! I am just trying to see maximum results for the possible combinations not reallyu thought of before. Thanks for the name and remembering that thread on PE Forum! You have an awesome memory. Well, what do you guys think? TT

I wouldn’t consider the surgery myself but if you or anyone here does, seek out the most experienced surgeon you can find - someone with a very long list of these proceedures under his belt, as it were. If the surgery is screwed up by an inexperienced or hasty, assembly line doctor, you can end up with far more problems than a cock that isn’t as long as you want it.




I heard you do get erect length from the surgery. I agree with the origonal posts. Stretching it then cutting it would give more overall length. Then again, it was a surgeon telling me that it gives more errect length-he may have just been trying to sell me something.


fat8 (or whoever it was) was the only person I know who had results from surgery. Even the best doctors have had ops gone wrong. Surgery must be the ABSOLUTELY last option and to be considered once the other methods don’t work (hanging, jelquing, stretching, hypnotism, pumping etc. ) There are no guarantess, you must wear weights sometime after, and the potential in increased ERECT length, as I understand, is very limited or non-existent. Furthermore, the angle of erection is 90ยบ at best.

Should anyone be considering this as a last resort, do your homework thouroughly. We are not talking about any old PE injury.


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