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PE is giving me more

PE is giving me more

I’ve been doing PE for two and a half months now. Though I havent experienced major gains (due to me not making my jelqing intense enough IMO because now that I do 3 second jelqs I notice a BIG difference) I still have a healthier penis.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I have a lot more confidence with my penis when using it on my girlfriend or just on my own.
By objectifying my penis I kind of get turned on just by thinking of what I can do with it and how it will affect my girl.
Now I can pretty much get it hard anywhere and just blow it up like a balloon when I want.

Situations I didn’t feel fully comfortable in such as sex in public are simple now.
I also worked well for me for a time when me and my g/f were seperated and I got chatting wih a few other girls. For me to be able to have sex with them without wood probs first time every time was a big thing for me because I always had self image issues about my penis, which I still do, but to a lesser extent.

Anyone else have similar breakthroughs OTHER than size with PE?

Glad things are going well for you. Getting a bigger unit is just the tip of the iceberg for a lot of guys when it comes to the positive effects of doing PE and hanging out at Thunder’s.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

7.5” NBPEL and 5.75” Mid EG? Damn good starting stats haha

The biggest boost of confidence I’ve gotten from PE is knowing that I actually do have an above average to large unit *AND* I can make it better. It’s the whole thing about control, when you feel like you’re in control of the situation you feel much more confident and happy. I know I can dedicate time and effort and it will pay off. Also, when I learned that the *real* average isn’t like 7X5.5, which I kinda thought it was because of porn and my best friend who’s a size queen, I felt a lot better with my own stats.

Overall, I can’t wait until I go back up to Purdue for my senior year of college in a few days. Those poor freshmen girls ;)

Starting Stats (5/21/06) - BPEL: 6.75 | NBPEL: 5.75 | EG: 5.75 (Mid) 6 (base)

Current Stats (8/21/06) - BPEL: 7.00 | NBPEL: 6 | EG: 6.0 (Mid) 6.375 (base)

My new Goal: To have the volume of a Coke can (21.65625 cubic inches ;) )

Yeah man. Knowing everyone else will only go smaller as years go by, hahaha. Brings a smile to my face. :)

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