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PE goals for the new year


By the end of the year: 8.5 nbpel, and 6 inch girth. It’s going to be hard since my wife’s work schedule has changed, and I had to throw awawy my static stretcher (long and painful story).

I know it’s a lofty goal, but that’s what I’m shooting for.

I’d like to have stretched enough skin to separate the turkey neck from my shaft, then focus on things from there on. Hopefully add another inch in length and half inch in girth.

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

I’d like to be at 8 bpel for the end of the year. I think this is very achievable. And maybe up to 6 in girth. Truly I’d like more length, like around 9.5 - 10 bpel, but we can’t all get what we want.

19th Feb 2012

Erect: 7.625" BPEL and 4.875" EG BPFSL: 8.063 Short Term Goal: 7.75" x 5 Long Term Goal: BP 8.5 x EG 5.75

My only PE goal this year is consistency.

Last year I found myself with too many long breaks due to privacy issues.

I’d like to reach 8.5 BPEL minimum in this new year, i want that badly ! Whatever gains come in EG, i take it.

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Before : 16cm *Now: NBPEL 7.91" (20.1 cm) x EG 5.9" as of 19-Mar-2008 New Short Term Goal : 21 cm

Back! El Presidente FrankWhite :moon2: 8 is NOT enuff Retirement from PE @ 22cm :!:

I’m looking for the foot by the end of the year.

A solid inch of length and even girth top to bottom.


July 2007-BPEL 7.0 MidEG 6.0

Current BPEL 8.5 MidEG 6.3 Goal 8 NBPEL / 6.5 EG. Progress Pictures Progress Report My ADS

My first PE goal is dedication and then more dedication. Being that I have been doing this for almost three years now and not much has changed I think dedication is the answer. If I can get a half inch in both length and girth I would be very happy.

Started 5.5 x 4.5 erect Length and Girth Goal 7 x 6.5 erect Length and Girth

Currently 5.9 x 5.5 erect Length,Girth and going !

Goal for the YEAR? By December 2008 I want a 7” BPEL. Will have a 7” BPEL. By June 2008 I will have 6.5 BPEL. Right now I’m 6.25 BPEL, and have recently readjusted my life to accomodate huge hanging hours. Work from home all day = 4 hrs hanging at least. Come on 7!

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5/14/09 - BPEL 7.0" BPFSL 8.25" EG 4.5"

1/1/10 - BPEL 7.5" BPFSL 9.0" EG 5.0" - GOAL

I’d like to hit 7” BPEL also :)

Nope, my goal for the year is to hit 7 inches BPEL and 5 inches girth, then I’ll aim for 8x6. Is guess I’ll have to aim for 7 inches NBPEL before that too.

Has been: 6.4 x 4.7 (16.3 x 12cm)

Is : 6,9 x 4.7 (17.7 x 12cm)

WILL BE : 7 x 4,8 (17,8 x 12.2cm)

My goal is to be 7,5” nbp (8”bp) and 5,5” EG.

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